Elishéva “Bring Me Back”

French-American performer Elishéva shares her official transition into the world of dark pop with the debut single ‘Bring Me Back’.

Gaining interest in singing after becoming part of her high school choir during freshman year, it only took her a couple of years for Elishéva-Lilla Sabbah, the complete name behind the rookie dark pop artist Elishéva, to properly meet what once was the focus of her career: jazz. As time went on, the artist kept exploring the middle ground between jazz and pop in order to find her own sound.

The twenty-one-year-old is currently one a break for her studies and will be returning to Berklee College of Music — where was accepted into in 2018 — this fall, clicking Play on the academic button again and finishing her last two semesters of college. In the meantime, Elishéva made the decision to move back to Paris, France to write and produce more music.

Despite once giving her soul and love to jazz, Elishéva has been on a recovery process to move on from that time of her life and instead step deep into the dark pop world. With jazz still infused in her current sound, she plays with the addition of different harmonic colors to spice things up and mark the change of style she’s gone through. 

Inspired by artists such as Billie Eilish, Finneas, Charlie Puth, Jazmine Sullivan, and more, her debut single Bring Me Back is the musical embodiment of the redemption arc Elishéva went through.

Considering the massive change that both the world and Elishéva’s passions have had in the last year, it is no surprise that her first song in her career as a solo artist is one about adjusting back to life and going back to being your true self. Bring Me Back is not only a song that perfectly fits into an anti-hero’s redemption playlist, but one that mirrors Elishéva’s own struggles ever since her move to Paris and her change in sound and style.

Alongside her producer Fryderyk HD, Elishéva aims to pay homage to the artists that have deeply influenced her in a short amount of time — namely Billie Eilish, who contributed greatly in bringing darker styles back into the mainstream and has been an endless source of  admirations for newer artists, and Finneas. In her case, Elishéva shows her respect to them in the form of an homage that blends their signature sounds with the jazz she’s intertwined to. 

The artist explained to Less Than 1,000 Followers the impact her own track has over her:

“This track is so special to me. I was very invested in a career in Jazz performance and Bring Me Back is my opening number in the pop world. It’s a love letter to who I am today. I was having a huge identity crisis last fall, partly because of the pandemic, and this song poured out of me in one sitting.”

She continued, “I’d been questioning everything about my life, I’d just moved to a different country, I felt like I was a mess and I couldn’t decide if I was good enough to keep going. It is with this song that I really found my sound, and I’m so grateful I didn’t give up because so much music was born with the new confidence it gave me. Of course, I couldn’t have don’t it without my producer, Fryderyk HD, he has truly been a huge part of finding my artist identity. I love to have the jazz influence from my past life in my pop songs, I like to keep things a little spicy hahaha. I have so much music coming, and I am so excited to finally share it with the world.”

As a song about being pulled out of the monotone nightmarish routine and going back to her own reality, one where her passions and dedication are still part of her, the plea of Bring Me Back is one that feels even more powerful with every passing second where the song keeps playing. 

Elishéva wrote this song with the main purpose of saving herself and getting back on track, but the release of the track has gifted anyone in the world the chance of using it for similar purposes, unintentionally causing a domino effect where creatives all over the globe connect with her hobbies and longtime loves again. With such an impact being possible solely with her debut track, Elishéva is a force to be reckoned with.

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