Ettie – “I’m Sorry to my exes”

Pride month is still upon us, and as a straight guy with gay friends I can relate to that sense of pride of just being who they really are without living in the shadows or even persecuted. But as it turns out, some people realize they’re gay only after several relationships and encounters with the opposite sex. Such is the case of up and coming singer-songwriter, Ettie.

In case you missed our previous article of Ettie’s previous single, you can find it here.

Ettie is a London based musician who is just coming out as a queer musician. She drinks a lot of wine and is a connoisseur of the millennial angst. As an English Literature graduate, Ettie has the ability to play with words and concepts embedded in our society to create unique storytelling.

Coming up after her last single “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, “I’m Sorry To My Exes” is Ettie’s apology to all of her previous male partners. As the song says, some she loved, and she uses this song as an explanation of why things didn’t work out, and also for her ex-partners to rest assured that it wasn’t that they were bad in bed… At least not all of them! Snap!

The thing is, Ettie didn’t even know she was queer until time after. I guess that’s why she felt it necessary to shed a little light over past romantic events, you could even call them dishonest, as the other half was playing for the other team all along. Well, what do you know!

Drawing inspiration from Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves and Paramore, Ettie has a Pop Punk sound that explodes with energy and passion. Mixing it up with her honest queerness, she truly gave Pride month an anthem to celebrate and feel alive and free.

“This is an honest and blunt type of alt-pop that aims to get at your core without getting under your skin”

An anthem for those who come out later in life, “I’m Sorry To My Exes” is a sweet and powerful message for everyone who’s still on the road to self discovery. And as Ettie puts it: “It’s time to get super gay.”

This single is the second single off her debut EP, that promises to be raw, gayand caffeinated.

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