Away from the Earth “Watercolors”

Positive lo-fi vibes, a dash of wonder and simply a nice feel-good melody. If any of these sparked your attention, then read on to learn more about a song which might very well be the song of summer!

The creator of the song this writeup is about is Kyle Wright, a songwriter and producer running his creative instrumental sounds under the alias Away from the Earth. His music walks the line between post rock, ambient and downtempo, combining the best from those worlds and adding the artist’s own thoughts and emotions in the mix. The result is immersive from very first notes, an atmospheric sound directed by dreamy guitars and ethereal synths. Perfect music to leave the busy everyday thoughts and sink into a state of trance in the evening.

“All of my music is instrumental. The goal of the project is for the music to create a space for you to either get lost in and relax, or to block out the noise around you so you can focus in on what’s in front of you.”

Away from the Earth’s discography is full of beautiful melodies, a variety of carefully dissected and reassembled emotions translated into music. It’s both relaxing and doing a marvelous job at blocking out any negative feelings the listener might have. Mood music since the 2019’s Negative Space EP.

Today he returns with a new single called “Watercolors“. A departure from his usual sound, “Watercolors” takes on a lo-fi beat and shimmering celestial golden gate sounds. A soft, summery and very positive sound evoking many feelings, from seeing a fresh batch of little chicks to walking on the beach enjoying the warmth after a long period of darkness. 3 minutes of delight underlined by those uplifting sliding notes, singing the joy and highlighting the song’s celestial moods. It also sounds like the relief and happiness of overcoming an artist block, which is exactly what the song is:

“This song in particular is the song that got me out of rut of writers block. I had stopped working on new songs because I kept getting stuck and couldn’t finish them. So I resorted to trying a new strategy for starting a song to try and break the cycle. That strategy in this case was starting with a loop (the drums in this case)- which I usually don’t use – to push myself into a different territory than I usually go. It worked great, and I finished up this song in a few hours!”

“Watercolors” is a potent summer melody, a reminder of happy times and a medicine that wipes away the sad. Away from the Earth knows how to influence and steer the moods with his instrumental vibes, and the day just got better with his new single.

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