Ekki Hugsa “Stockholm”

Whether you’ve been to Stockholm or simply have a soft spot for good music to chill to, look no further, as today an exciting artist has released their new single. It has proven to be a perfect tune to relax and escape the gray daily life to, so carry on reading to learn more!

Ekki Hugsa is the music alias run by two brothers, Eric and Eckhart Hugsa. Together, they create chill and immersive downtempo tunes with names based on locations they’ve been to or want to visit. In ways they bring the excitement and atmosphere of all places they’ve seen whilst traveling around into the listeners’ home, an audio postcard from the duo, if you will. Relaxing and positive vibes match the name of the alias perfectly:

“‘Don’t think’ – let go and express yourself! Is what ‘Ekki Hugsa’ means and suitably represents the music that Icelandic brothers, Eric and Eckhart compose and produce.

Now settled between London and Paris, the brothers had been focussing on their own music projects for several years, but the global pandemic was ironically the catalyst for their new, combined outfit.

One evening whilst catching up on a Zoom call, they were reminiscing about how they grew up travelling to various cities and places around the world with their dad. They’d rock up to the airport and hire a car on the other side. They recalled how they loved to sit in the back of the car, gazing out of the window at the new and intriguing landscapes they’d never seen before whilst listening to the music their dad was into at the time. From John Coltrane to Supertramp to Ray Charles, they loved the sounds, and they loved the visual aspect of travelling around somewhere completely new. It made them feel alive!

So, all of Ekki Hugsa’s releases are inspired by this journey (literally) and are named after the various places they have either already visited or places they are planning to visit in the future.”

The duo are now ready to release their debut single – “Stockholm“, named after the city which was Eckhart’s home for the summer of 2012. It’s a love letter to the city, which is apparent as soon as you hit play. The song greets with the most chilled out atmosphere full of positive memories and an almost undetectable twinge of longing. The spacious soundcapes wear hints of lo-fi adding extra warmth to the percussion and synth sounds painting the image of downtown Stockholm in a summer evening. Streetlights reflecting off cobblestones, little shops and restaurants, the riverside and streets lined by tall houses all come up in warm-toned memories, along with friends and good food.

“Stockholm” is a journey back in time and I’m sure people who have been to the city will hear the warm summer eves spent out in the Stockholm’s streets and places in this song. It’s a city that will definitely leave an impression, and so will this song – it has huge replay value and will be a great companion for your evenings and why not also work – the atmospheric relaxing sounds both bring back memories and take on a journey, never failing at making you feel so nice.

“We hope you enjoy the trip as much as Eric and Eckhart are! Peace.”

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