Lágrimas” is a soft alt pop track that mixes R&B, neo soul and latin with the unique voice of Amsterdam based artist Macarena, celebrating her recent coming out and inspired by her LGBTQ experiences.

Well, hello everybody! Welcome back once more to your favorite music blog: Less than a 1000 Followers. It is a new week with a lot of new music and great artists to discover. Today, Macarena an Amsterdam bases artist with Latin roots is putting herself on the spot with honesty and vulnerability.

“Lágrimas” tells the bittersweet story of her coming out with a very personal and deep message. Macarena’s intention is to inspire others to follow her path, giving messages of love and hope. She wishes to build a community of support and uplifting, and so far she’s been doing great!

All my songs come from a very honest place and I share it so other people going through the same things don’t feel alone. I like for my community to become a community of support and uplifting. Over all my music is very chill and mellow, but I like my bass so you’ll find elements of it. I’m also very proud to be representing my latin roots in my music by incorporating more lyrics in Spanish.” – Macarena

A bilingual track that makes your body move. Produced by Lady Groove, this track has been crafted with fresh sounds that will quickly call to attention; this includes spacious synths, jumping percussions, punchy kick and deep bass. Macarena’s harmonies feel celestial even when singing about crying…

The track touches upon breaking generational cycles in regards to homophobia and does so in a loving and eloquent way by portraying two different moments in time within the changes of language. As where the English part focuses on the current situation of distress and discomfort, the parts in Spanish speak hope and love into future generations, thus manifesting generational healing.

With her first track “Mind” (Prod. By RINZ) released back in 2017, her debut EP, “Rebirth” in 2018, and her single “Something New”, produced also by Lady Groove ( which earned her her first spot on Spotify editorial playlists New Music Friday Latin, Are & Be Latin and Fresh Finds) the latin rooted artists is making quite the sensation with her unique skills and gathering up a women-only team to spread her messages around the globe.

Photo credits: Enrique de Bie.

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