Sentience Machine “Microscopic Enemy”

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based alternative rock band Sentience Machine have released a new single, entitled “Microscopic Enemy.”

Sentience Machine is fronted by UK psychedelic trance DJ and singer Psibindi (aka Rena), guitarist and producer Edward Abela, drummer Jamie Steenbergen, bassist Stephen Clift and guitarist Ben Turner. Rising from the embers of the global pandemic, Sentience Machine present listeners with a defiant new sound for the next generation; and they’re preparing to return to the stage, ready to unleash an explosion of energy!

On their gritty debut single, “Black Mirror,” the band reflected on Orwellian oppression and the violation of our privacy and data, receiving rave reviews from Steve Savale of pioneering UK group Asian Dub Foundation as well as from singer Charlotte Kelly of legendary group Soul II Soul.

In keeping with their rebellious and anarchic spirit, Sentience Machine’s second single is a powerful and emotive response triggered by the perpetual feeling of imprisonment generated by the new reality we face. With its uncompromising, hard-hitting lyrics about lockdown life, “Microscopic Enemy” takes no prisoners. The song is a reference to the impact on mental health caused by economic hardships, media coverage and the disaster capitalists who have cashed in on the crisis, while the underlying statement is about reclaiming back our lives, liberty and freedom.

About the inspiration behind “Microscopic Enemy,” Sentience Machine write, “Microscopic Enemy is an alternative perspective on how we perceive the global pandemic. There have been winners and losers, with technology companies benefiting from huge profits during lockdown, whilst local businesses and entire industries went bust. The record also highlights the impact on mental health as many people suffered social and economic hardships for months…We are essentially fighting for our freedom and right to choose and live how we want.

“Microscopic Enemy” begins with a raw, high-energy electric guitar riff, its progression sustained by the steady rhythms of the drums and resonant bass notes. Psibindi’s compelling vocals soon join in, blending quite nicely with the fuzz-distortion bass and powerful guitar chords throughout the track’s lyrical passages; while a brief yet captivating guitar solo midway through the track and swirling synths later add nicely to its dynamic sound. “Microscopic Enemy” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Sentience Machine’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock.

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