OGGY “Find My Way”

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based singer/songwriter OGGY has released a new single, entitled “Find My Way.”

OGGY, aka Olga Savic, is a singer/songwriter and an actress based in London, UK. Growing up in a small coastal town in Croatia, OGGY had the ambition to perform since a young age; however, there were few career opportunities in her hometown and people there tended to be closed-minded, not wanting Olga to succeed as an artist. Yet despite being told that she wasn’t good enough and that she should pursue a more realistic career, Olga’s passion for music never vanished. Performing at some local festivals in Croatia, she was told again to look for different career paths, because singing wasn’t something she should pursue; and at that moment, Olga knew that she needed to leave Croatia if she wanted to succeed in music.

Olga moved to the UK in 2017 to pursue a BA in Journalism at UEL (as a plan B, in case her music career doesn’t work out); and while studying Journalism, Olga began looking for all kinds of workshops, networking events and private vocal lessons to help her start her musical journey. However, it wasn’t until Olga took a course in Songwriting in 2020 with Aidan Martin (who is also a successful singer and songwriter) that she knew who she was as an artist. Today, OGGY is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Music Performance at Kingston University in London, while writing songs and shaping herself into a professional vocalist and performer.

Musically, OGGY’s main influences are rock music from the ‘80 and ‘90s and early 2000s. She is also influenced by Disney’s series and movies, like Hannah Montana and Camp Rock, and she is inspired as well by artists such as Lady Gaga who didn’t have an easy start on their musical journeys. Already, OGGY’s songs have appeared on a few local radio stations in the UK as well as in the USA.

Morning After Love” is the first single OGGY released in her musical career, followed by her second single, “Shut”; and “Find My Way” is OGGY’s third independent single, recorded in a studio near London and produced by Ben Singleton, with a potential album coming out later in the year. OGGY wrote and composed “Find My Way” during the pandemic on an acoustic guitar with the idea of an upbeat rock tempo, in the hope of shining a little light in the darkness; and while inspired by the current situation, the lyrics still relate to her as an artist and as a person.

Influenced by the hard rock sound of the ‘80s, “Find My Way” brings a new dimension to the music industry today through its authenticity, by staying truthful and real. The song is set to win the hearts of young adults with its powerful lyrics: “I will find my way, out of this pain, and I will wait till I can love again.” And although written about finding a way to love after a heartbreak, the song can be addressed to anything in life; the universal message of the song is that you will find a way through whatever you’re fighting for. The melancholic lyrics about a heartbreak feature an upbeat rhythm, which then presents a newly discovered hope for love; love is a universal message in the song, and it can be interpreted through a love interest, family love, love for a career, or simply a love for life.

“Find My Way” begins with a powerful electric guitar riff, driven by the steady rhythms of the bass and drums. OGGY’s inspiring lyrics soon join in along with an electric organ, her vocals complementing the guitar melodies quite nicely and leading nicely to the track’s catchy, anthemic chorus. At the same time, the instrumental components of “Find My Way” match the elevating lyrical passages rather well, encouraging listeners to feel hopeful; while a piano and synths later join in, highlighting the vocal melodies and adding a nice touch to the song. “Find My Way” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing OGGY’s impressive songwriting and brilliant musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and hard rock alike.

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