Matt Hammond “Conjure”

Sweet sounds of acoustic guitar bringing color into the quiet, painting a world laced with ethereal yet close-to-earth colors. This new single of Matt Hammond’s is all that, a sheer amount of virtuous guitar playing skills and plenty to dissect for the imaginative minds.

The guitar aficionado Matt Hammond is all about guitar-driven music. And it’s not just regular strumming. Instead he has mastered the skill of bringing out the sharp percussive edge with every pluck, giving the melodies he builds a solid and captivating edge. That often downright impressive sound (sometimes I wonder how he does that) is paired with his soft and innocent vocals, also rhythmic by nature. The resulting sheer unmatched simplicity in his sound carries plenty of vital energy, the force of life channeled into music. Something similar I’ve found in the category of psychedelic folk, but there is no sulking emotion here – Hammond’s music is closer to being in awe of little wonders offered by life and looking outwards, rather than sinking deep into the emotions.

“My sound is Percussive Guitar with a Dash of vocals – it’s just me and the guitar playing kooky sounds and odd techniques to make the drums!”

Matt Hammond

The newest release of Matt Hammond’s is a short sparkling song called “Conjure”. Running much faster than most of his other works, this tune brings in a sense of slight distorting haze that surrounds his voice and captures my attention. The pleasingly present percussion dances paired with the warm guitar notes, his voice sounding ethereal with a hint of malice around the corner. Psychedelic and noticeably fresh, it feels like a clear stream of water in the woods, but before you get to quench your thirst, do take notice of the distinct magical aura surrounding the area.

“I wanted to write Conjure with a more fantasy based setting, rather than going for the more stereotypical themes I’ve written before – something a little bit different that creates an interesting atmosphere! The textures created by the percussive acoustic guitar techniques helped set this off – and it even has a solo which was quite the challenge! It’s also my second release on vinyl, and the artwork was created by my step-nan Janine so it’s pretty awesome to have that as a physical vinyl record!”

Yep, a vinyl record! A lovely 7” record with a b-side called “Daze”:

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