Nina Blu “Pomegranate”

Nina Blu invites you to let go of restraint and take a bite of the ‘Pomegranate’ in her August 20th release. 

Independent artist Nina Blu is a deeply creative individual who pours her heart in an honest manner into her music. While she remains truthful in her lyrics, she also enjoys a bit of mischief, as she plays around with her style and keeps finding new ways to highlight her messages via a fusion of the styles that have influenced her. 

Nina considers music her salvation and the root of possible communities where everyone can find support and comfort, hoping to bring others the help she too needed at some point in her life. 

She debuted in the first half of March 2021 with the single Lover Like That, and in the eighth month of the year has made her first comeback with a dark pop single that sends chills down your spine as it entices you to take a risk. 

Pomegranate oozes symbolism in abundance, with its very name presenting subtle but clear connections to Christianity. When considering the fruit’s association with virginity as well as the relations it holds with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Dionysus, the god of pleasure, the message being represented in this song begins to become more clear. 

As a fruit of temptation, the pomegranate stands against most of the social norms and all of the religious and righteous paths (that is, in the case of religions based on rejecting “impure” desires). As such, Pomegranate is a fitting name for an exploration of the risk and reward dilemma born from the struggle of conforming yourself to people’s expectations or allowing yourself to act according to your real self. 

This sensual dark pop single makes use of allusions to Greco-Roman mythology and Christian folklore and a provoking echoing feeling in the melody to create a mysterious and alluring ambient not unlike the concept of defying a system in the name of authenticity. 

Members of the LGBT+ community, people who feel trapped by the religion they grew up being told to believe in, and any other individual who might feel as though they’re forced to hide their real feelings will be able to relate to the song’s message, as well as the common fear and hesitation of making a choice you might not be able to take back. With Pomegranate, Nina Blu hopes to lend a shoulder to those who are in the midst of making their decision. 

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