Jannek “Sunbow” album

It’s debut album time!

Jannek, today’s star is an experienced producer who has spent most of his artist career collaborating and producing for others. In the year of 2020 when the world was spiralling into a rather dystopian era of pancemic, Jannek left New York behind for half a year. In isolation, he saw the chance to begin writing music of his own. Today Jannek is ready to release his debut album, the fruit of venturing in his own inner worlds during lockdowns.

The album is called “Sunbow”, home to 6 tracks and offering close to 30 minutes of listening pleasure. And it is a pleasure to listen – the gentle and melodic atmospheres that develop right when you press play radiate an endless sense of soothing calmness.

The record was written while I was in isolation with my girlfriend in Newport, Rhode Island during 2020. I then brought the album home to a desolate new york city as a vast amount of people have left the city during the pandemic. I pretty much just spent most of my time between our studios in chelsea, where I recorded mostly percussion, drums & piano and my home studio, where I did all of the synth production and mixing!

It was a wonderful exploration to bring these songs to life with my drummer Clemens Grassmann, who introduced groove to most of these tracks. He’s an outstanding Jazz and Rock drummer and pulled out all of his percussion toys for this record.


The album starts with “Monty”, a track with a velvety edge to it, which I feel is coming from that warming saxophone. The stillness in the back of this song leave a great foundation to build that incredibly chill and complete atmosphere. The quiet and delicate ukulele melodies start the song at a higher note and softly evaporate at the end of it, bringing in the next song. “Bottomless Breath” brings in a much more spacious sounds, something akin to celestial palace or an inner sanctum. Liquid sounds give way to guitar melodies and layered spoken vocals. This song feels like it’s taking place in a small civilization living in an untouched rainforest of a kind that only exists on a spiritual realm. It also reminds me of…

“Madison Glare”, the third track is a departure from the festive spiritual plane and into a more introspective meditative space. Featuring soft percussion and synths that reverb through the endless light atmosphere, the song steadily picks up to become a grander shimmering version of itself. That is followed by “Liquify”, which sounds quite exactly as it’s called. Magical female vocals swirl together with piano-like sounds, pulsating like raindrops. Soon, a deep bassline follows and the vocals sing like an ethereal bird, whispers and an array of instruments fleeting by.

“Stratus” introduces itself with blips of piano melodies interweaved and softly bouncing. A synth finds a rhythm in the soft play and starts carrying the track onwards, sometimes intensifying and changing position in the image. A swell of string-like instruments soon follow, landing softly into the bed of echoing piano notes. The last track, title track of the album takes up from here and holds some particularly shimmery sounds and a steady line of string sounds like sunrays. More celestial vocals echoing through that same lush spiritual rainforest, but this feels like early morning when everything is still waking up and blanketed in fog. And then the song builds up into cinematic scales of magnificence, epic and tugging on heartstrings like an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.

“Sunbow” the album feels like an excellent release to put on and daydream to. It carries enough magic and softness in it to allow the listener to forget about daily struggles and dive into the ethereal plane with the sounds. There are grand moments and there are quiet bits, promising for a great journey to follow with eyes closed and headphones on.

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