The Gold Supply – “Underwater Completely”

This EP is an inner-reaching experience meant to reflect the turmoil of the new normal. An introspective ride of calm, meditative songs. Listen right now to The Gold Supply’s debut EP, “Underwater Completely.

Hello and good morning/evening/night to all of you! Today we have a very special treat for you. A four track EP from a UK band formed by ex-major label artists. This new female-fronted band was born in the middle of the American election, the introduction of Brexit, and the pandemic chaos.

Inspired by bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Spiritualized and Bjork, The Gold Supply presents a very chilled vibe with ethereal atmospheres that leave the listener in a contemplative state. You don’t wanna miss this.

“Underwater Completely” consists of four different tracks that try to convey the isolation, coldness and lack of total freedom the lockdown brought. “By the time the songs were finished the lockdown had eased and that allowed the songs to be recorded in a studio in the normal way. The studio chosen was a very remote studio in the countryside as we felt that way we could still capture that same lockdown vibe.” – TGS

Starting with “Introductions” the EP already presents its soft vibe with a warm piano and synth, accompanied by sampled vocals that seem to be taken from a radio podcast. Soon, low reaching cellos and softly sung vocals bring more life to the track, creating a perfect intro and chilled atmosphere.

We then have track two, “Why Don’t You” which presents a swinging drum dance, a beat that invites to dance. The piano and vocals take the listener into an ecstatic trance while the song continues to grow and the bass acts as the backbone. As soon as the end seems to come, the song makes a turn into a more fast-paced direction.

Coming next, track three “Completely Underwater” presents a laid-back beat with steady drums, calm bass and shimmering guitars. A true meditative state can be achieved with eyes-closed and ears opened. Electronic and analog instruments converge together to create a cold yet welcoming sound.

And finally, last track, “Cold Water” carries you away with its oscillating synth and warm bass line. Another laid-back beat with highly-distorted vocals and percussive elements that act as a musical mantra till the very end.

We are fascinated by The Gold Supply’s EP and know that you’ll be too.

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