Asterous “Mercenary”

We’re glad to announce that Vancouver, Canada-based alternative rock band Asterous have released a new single, entitled “Mercenary.”

Asterous was formed in 2020 by Rummy Kandola and Don Beaudoin in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Combining their love for creating huge songs along with mean guitars and melodic vocals, Asterous create vast soundscapes that paint pictures in the listener’s mind, similarly to the artistry of Pink Floyd.

By blending and fusing various styles and genres, Asterous have created a style which is uniquely their own. The band has been described as “an awesome storyteller with many facets” and their debut EP recently received an exclusive week-long feature on 94.9 The Rock radio station in Toronto, Canada. Asterous’ dream is to tour and play shows in Europe in the near future.

“Mercenary” is Asterous’ first single release following the release of their debut EP in April 2021. A beautifully haunting song which sets a scene in the listener’s mind with brutal efficiency, “Mercenary” is about a character primarily concerned with his own self-enrichment at the expense of ethics; the antagonist in the song is all-powerful, seeking to dominate the object of his desire through power and intense control.

“Mercenary” begins with eerie electronic effects and a somber keyboard melody, setting a stage that is melancholic yet ominous along with the deep bass and epic percussion. Rummy Kandola’s commanding vocal melodies and their lyrics about one’s desire for power and control over another soon join in, along with sustained distorted guitar chords that are punctuated by a gloomy piano notes. The song ultimately succeeds in making the listener feel a sense of power flow through them, reflecting Asterous’ brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship. “Mercenary” is quite an engaging and enjoyable listen throughout, eventually culminating in a sense of thrilling asphyxiation. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock.

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