Hui- “Saganaki”

Today’s featured single is a calm song about not being able to see our loved ones, no matter how hard we try to. “Saganaki” is the latest release from the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Hui. An atmospheric, guitar-driven track that sings about the melancholic times we find ourselves right now: times of adversity caused by separation. Hui has found music a tool to express the emotions that everyone is feeling.

Hui is the solo project managed by Hugh William Davies. Inspired by The Paper Kites, Radiohead, The National, Nick Drake, and Brandon Wolfe Scott, he composes music focused on experimenting on the possibilities of sound. He creates a sonic landscape and fills it with powerful emotional density in which he uses to submerge us. That way, each independent musical element seems to join with each other, presenting an emotion at its full potential.

In the case of “Saganaki”, this emotion is the adversity caused by separation. Every day has become predictable in a certain way. The lyrics reflect the desire of escaping from this tedious routine and the urgency of reuniting with those we care about, while the instruments remind us of their presence: the guitar, almost hidden in the background as if they were the fading memory of those that are far from us; the strings at the beginning that immerse us in the depths of melancholy; drums that drive us forward, even further away.

If you’re wondering “Why is a song about the adversity from separation named after a hot cheese dish from Greece?”, I’m not surprised. I think it’s going to be the first thing I go to eat when we get out of lockdown. Cracking dish, if you ask me. Great date food. To be frank, I named this single ‘Saganaki’ because every day has become predictable and I wanted to create a sense of ambiguity where I could. -Hui

“Saganaki” represents the mastery of Hui’s talent of creating emotionally dense moods in his tracks. He brings to us a track full of emotion that makes us reconsider our current situation. He finds a way to express what everyone has been feeling deep within their own hearts. Give the track a listen and, if you enjoyed it, make sure to listen to Hui’s full EP, from which “Saganaki” is the first single. We know we will!

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