“Leave Me Alone” fits perfectly in the ever-closer spooky vibes of Halloween. A post-punk track that warns against coming too close in a steady composition of menacing drums and drone-like guitars. Listen right now to MOVMENT’s new single!


Welcome back, everybody! Hope you’re having a nice week and that you’re preparing for the spooky hour of Halloween! To get in you the mood, today we have a special single by our good Irish friends, MOVMENT. A post-punk alternative indie rock band formed by the original members of Raw Novembre, who released 2 albums and an EP, and a final album, My Bones.


Following up on their last single, Propaganda, which you can listen to while reading my review right here, this duo now returns with their second single from their upcoming album, TRANSFORMATION. “Leave Me Alone” stays in the lines of post-punk music, somber ambiences, and eerie lyrics, as the duo keeps establishing their industrial sound with high-gain guitars, driving drums, and unique spooky vocals.

“This eerie creepy tune befits the time of year, as we close in on Halloween, and the dead and the ghostly shadows enter our subconscious, as life and the beyond are close at hand, and evil and the supernatural are all around us, in our dreams, and disturbingly, in our nightmares.

Terror-infused lyrics tell a scary tale, seemingly out from an Edgar Allan Poe story. The song counts with an ever-evolving structure that succeeds in keeping the listener hooked, but just enough to still leave an impression until its climax. Great composition and delivery by this spooky duo!

Writing and recording music is much more involved now for artists. Movment use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

“Leave Me Alone” will come with a second, more electronic version. The 2 tracks were recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed at Miloco, London and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab. The artwork was once again made by UVRay.

The 2nd MOVMENT album, TRANSFORMATION, will be released on Distort The Scene on 02 December 2021.

Movment "Leave Me Alone" press photo

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