Dick Venom & The Terrortones – “Gun Of A Tongue”

The perfect add for all you punk, psychobilly, rock and roll lovers. Greasy, sleazy, busy, and raw, Dick Venom & The Terrortones have returned to give us our well-received dose of spooky rockabilly. Listen right now to their live recording of “Gun Of A Tongue“.

Halloween is past us but the spookiness is still around! That’s it, my friends, it’s time for some scary, sweaty, mild-heavy tunes. Dick Venom & The Terrortones, a psychobilly band from Nottingham, UK that’s been around since 2010, has now returned with a live release of their live album: “Lost and Live in Salford”.

“Dick Venom & the Terrortones… Lean green delectable purveyors of this planet’s most penetrating garage punk pleasures….”

A live show dating since 2015 has now seen a new light with these newly risen recordings. Blasting and a bit scary, these guys are the perfect blend between terror and music. A true rock and roll attire!

“As fantastic a slice of twisted psychobilly with the faintest odour of decaying Manson you’ll find anywhere in the world today” – Uber Rock.

“Gun Of A Tongue” starts with aggressive guitar chunks that quickly turn into a heavy rockabilly track. Wailing vocals and raw guitar solos are accompanied by hard-hitting drums and driving bass. Explosive and a bit indecent, this track is just a taste of their full-length live album.

Backstory of Gun of a Tongue? A test-tube vestibule clash of psycho-sonics and sleaze all collided with gass-guzzlin grind. Who’d have thought that Dick Venom had a heart? Even a Terrortone can bust out a break-up song.” – Dick Venom

Kerrang, Clack Blabbeth, NME, RingMaster Reviews, Ginger Coyote’s Punk Globe Magazine, Viva Le Rock, all have shown their love towards these fine gentlemen. With gluttonous, gratuitous, cooler than thou sleaze, these lost tapes and live shows show the best of them. These are the those statements in time.

The album was recorded by Jim Watts of The Fall, to a hostile and heroin-fueled audience, mixed by Will Wilkinson of Fritch, and mastered by Andy Wright (Rag’N’Bone Man, The Fall).

Their album ‘SnakeOil for Snakes’ is still available on vinyl in limited numbers, complete with 12 interchangeable inserts. It’s as wipeclean and shiny as latex, in its own PVC slip for protection.

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