Flecks “Hibernate to Accumulate”

It’s debut album time! This gentle and authentic album brings us into the world of Flecks, where each song brings forth a different emotion dissected and carefully thought about. It’s what could be called an audio diary of a pondering man sitting locked in like everyone else. There are so many new thoughts that didn’t really exist in such shape before…

Flecks is the music alias of multi-instrumentalist Paul Fleckney. This man is possibly more known as an editor and writer at the Guardian – he’s the editor of the oldest newspaper column in the world, the Country Diary. His path of searching for the most authentic way of communication has taken him to music. Sitting at a piano and letting random melodies come out and formulate was something he did as a child. Back then he would immediately stop when he sensed someone nearby, but the releasing nature of improvisation stuck with him and eventually led to him writing his first songs. Those born-from-the-ether songs soon joined to become the debut album, and that LP is now ready!

The album is titled “Hibernate to Accumulate” and it’s home to 9 songs, which are all little journeys as I found out as soon as I hit play on the first song “So The Angel”. That begins with piano chords accompanied by strings, creating a chilled rainy morning atmosphere, and soon expands into something wonderful full of swelling sounds. And then it takes a turn with a duet singing along with the warm synth that digs into my head and feels soothing while some unnerving sounds take place in the background.

The closed-in sounds reflecting on that disaster movie-like feel of current life is followed by the dreamy holiday sounds of going on a vacation – “To Colombo!”. While it wouldn’t be physically possible, and it certainly wasn’t for the artist at the time he wrote the song, it still feels vibrant like going somewhere really lovely and letting all of it seep into you. A soul’s exploration in somewhat of a dreamlike representation of Colombo.

“It’s There” carries similarities to the first song as they both came from the same place, this one looking into the fear and despair brought on by this constant stream of bad news. Ringing noises come in with muted knocking percussion before meeting with a short club tune snippet at the end of the song – sounds a bit like my own coping mechanism. When I get oversaturated with really bad news, I do go drown my sorrows in a bunch of youtube videos and… Inoffensive dance music. Coming next is “Gravity” a song thinking about the “what ifs” and what would have happened if alternate choices of life were taken. It’s holding full-sounding piano notes in a rhythmic soundscape, which provides an enamoring warm background for those beautiful vocals of Astra Forward.

“Black Coffee Interlude”, a song that’s about the relentlessness of washing-up according to the artist sets in with a warm short melody and brings in a brief change in the album’s journey. That’s followed by “One Person Party”, which feels both sad and edging despair as much as getting comfortable with your own presence and letting go. This battle of contrasting feelings seems to be won by the latter, and while the beginning was heavy, the second half of this song spins up dancy beats. “Twenty-Six Twelve” is the first song that was born, created during the period of stillness brought forth by Christmas. The familiar melody line of “Silent Night” is taken out of its context and given a new life in a shimmering, cold, and comforting soundscape.

“Last Gasp” comes with fully-exposed vulnerability as it explores the edge of death through drowning with close attention. Sounds like letting go and experiencing an unforeseen sense of freedom. The album gets closed by the most intimate song “Oscar’s Tune”, soft, sad, and content with a little smile. It’s Flecks playing a song on his piano, the instrument that became his friend and solace over the recent years. It sounds a bit like a “Thank You” to the instrument for being there. Really adorable song to end this journey with.

It’s a beautiful LP full of delicate sounds and thoughts. Heavily recommend this if you love the softer side of experimental electronica, folk, indie pop, and piano music – this is all of those combined plus more, and I’m not quite sure if I’ve heard anything else that sounds quite like this!

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