CRISPR Kid “Blitzkrieg”

We’re glad to announce that Dublin, Ireland-based 4-piece guitar band CRISPR Kid have released a new single, entitled “Blitzkrieg.”

CRISPR Kid are Romulo Passos (drums), Pauric Sweeney (guitar, vocals), Stephen Browne (bass), and Gary Mackey (guitars). Home-recordists Pauric Sweeney and Stephen Browne had been songwriting with Dublin producer Phil Dobie for much of 2019 and brought brilliant Brazilian drummer Romulo Passos into the fold that summer. CRISPR Kid then released their debut EP, Fresno Rescue Mission, in December 2019, and played 9 blistering shows in Ireland pre-lockdown–including gigs at The Sound House, Whelan’s “Ones To Watch 2020,” and a headline show at Lost Lane, Dublin in late January 2020. The mercurial Gary Mackey joined on lead guitar to make up the 4-piece in August 2020, and the band began recording Down with the Kid as an EP at Darklands Studios last November under the guidance of engineering ace, Daniel Doherty. However, as the lockdown persisted, Down with the Kid expanded into a full LP.

It’s no accident that the band’s name alludes to the controversial C.R.I.S.P.R. gene editing phenomenon; they decided to democratize their own genes (or mixes to be precise) by posting the recorded stems on the day of all releases for free on, and thus allowing up and coming producers/engineers/artists to use them and hear the raw studio recordings.

Insipired by artists such as REM, The National, Death Cab for Cutie, New Order, Eric Cartman, and Ricky Gervais, CRISPR Kid recently finished their debut album, Down with the Kid, in September 2021, and the album is set for release in March 2022. The band have already released three singles from the album, including indie-thumper “Blitzkrieg” on October 29th, the first single from this record. “The track is first of 3 singles from our new LP ‘Down with the Kid’ due out in March 2022. Recorded under lockdown in Ireland at Darklands Studios with Dan Doherty (engineer of Fontanes DC earlier records). The track is about renewal – that we all suspect we might have more in the tank to better ourselves. We try to keep it upbeat!” the band says.

You can also watch CRISPR Kid perform “Blitzkrieg” live here:

“Blitzkrieg” immediately draws listeners in with its atmospheric guitars and propulsive drumming, underscored by a driving bassline. Throughout the track’s thoughtful verses, the vocals are accompanied by dreamy washes of guitars; while during the catchy and compelling choruses, a distorted chord progression is highlighted nicely by dynamic electric guitar leads. “Blitzkrieg” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing CRISPR Kid’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

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