Unfollow Me – “Disappear”

Unconventional and fresh is the debut single by this multimedia powerhouse. “Disappear” delivers a unique beat with a unique style that is sure to make your hips move and your ears vibrate. Listen right now to “Disappear” by Unfollow Me.

We have tons of processes when it comes to making our music and “Disappear” is the result of two friends who’ve been making music for over a decade. We know each other so well musically and we always push each other to have fun with our sound. We are also each other’s biggest fans so it was easy to create “Disappear”. 

Welcome, welcome everybody, it’s ya boy MadZen and today we are feeling fly with this new single. Super dope duo comprised of Corinne Stevie (rapper, songwriter, designer), and producer, Ableton Certified Trainer and synth freak PRPL NRG has arrived to deliver short bursts of energy in their hand-made, distinctive music.

“Disappear” is a hip-hop track with a little bit of UK Drill in it. Bouncing through every corner, the track carries a very infectious groove accompanied by Corinne’s sassy lyrics and delivery. Her flow is challenging and just a bit vicious, generating the perfect amount of tension for the beat to unfold and create a special aura of cool.

Unfollow Me based their name on society’s obsession with social media and gaining followers for doing absolutely nothing. Clearly artistic and with a true concern for the visuals, the duo combines the best of two worlds to create a crisp sound that will take its listeners by surprise.

Short but intense, the track is accompanied by robot-like synths that seem to be talking to you, a big a$$ bass that hits low and steady, and a mix of percussive elements that add bite to the production.

Before this project, Corinne and PRPL NRG were in a previous band, Telekinetic Walrus, a project that toured all over the U.S and shared bills with a diverse range of international acts, such as The Chemical Brothers, Kendrick Lamar, Trick Daddy, Robert Plant, Flying Lotus, Thievery Corporation, Future, Snarky Puppy, and visionary artist, Alex Grey. That’s quite the resume!

Now, the duo is getting busy with the production of new fresh tracks, preparing their live show AND preparing the release of their new EP “Disappear”. Yas Queen!

Our music is alternative hip hop with some booty bass and heavy Miami and ATL vibes. The sound is eclectic and fun but the lyrics will make you think. Unfollow Me

You can find UM on InstagramFacebookSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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