Sabreen Islam “Like a Movie”

Have you ever wondered how easy mutually falling in love seems like in romantic comedies? Today’s artist has noticed it, and her newest single takes on the rift between all of that and love in the real world. Read on to learn more about this song and the artist!

Sabreen Islam greets us from New Zealand. This bright lady is an upcoming singer-songwriter who’s weaving fresh indie sounds filled with dreamy vibes. Her sunny soft vocals feel eternally youthful, making her songs both charming and genuine. Sabreen’s older releases are incredibly soft indie-folk singles, full of this kind of endearing charm and gentle embrace of softness. Imagine warm dream-like summer mornings spent walking in love through a field, with common bent brushing against bare legs. That sort of softness. Her recent release takes a turn away from folk – “Glow” is a light emotive pop song and part of a trilogy the artist is currently working on releasing. In fact, this weekend she has released the second part of this poppy trilogy!

Like a Movie” begins with low soft and floating piano chords, setting a dreamy atmosphere. Her layered vocals soon join in to speak the longing mind. Inspired by perfect love stories that are hugely popular in movies and romantic comedies, the lyrics take on the contrast between the fate-driven movie world and the chaotic reality, and the wish that love would unfold as fatefully in reality. It’s a song of hope and longing and a wish that finding that perfect someone is not as unlikely as it seems sometimes.

“‘like a movie’ is basically me poking fun at romantic movies and how perfectly everything seems to fall into place for the main characters, and how this is often so different to finding love in real life. Everything in the movies has a happy ending…and things would be so much easier if in real life, they did too! I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the track by myself.

Listeners of this track can expect lots of harmonies, laid back production and some sarcastic lyrics that poke fun at popular movie tropes. I hope they like it as much as I do :)”


This gentle daydreaming song floats above soft purplish clouds, like a young lady wrapped in a duvet and sipping tea, dreaming about the crush to feel the same she feels about them. With the fluttery feelings of love combined with deepest desires to feel loved, the song walks around the disappointment that is reality, and remains on the hopeful side. A lovely soft song for anyone feeling for love-filled indie-pop made from all things very subtle and soft to touch.

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