Sarah Krohn “A Part of Me”

Sarah Krohn dedicates her first single of the year to her home in the emotional anthem that declares they are “‘A Part Of Me’“.

As a young creative, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Sarah Krohn is a person full of creativity, deep emotions, and a natural talent for combining the two in her music. The twenty-year-old artist is currently attending college, yet that has not stopped her from releasing a full album last year, and she is now continuing with her fourth single since its debut. 

Proving the growth she’s made as a person and musician, this single is a bittersweet anthem about leaving home and growing up, and what that implies for Sarah. The track was produced by her, and in it she’s blended some of Midwest’s emo guitars and their nostalgic feel alongside skateboarding sounds, showing the homey feeling of someone who never forgets where they come from. 

An indie pop song brimming with deep emotions and years and years of her life, A Part of Me is Sarah Krohn’s ode to her past and the people who participated in it. Weaving her inspirations into her life, the singer-songwriter is creating a beautiful and vivid cloth that contains what she values the most. Her life has become her art, and the inspirations that are everywhere around her also become a tool for her to create and keep finding new ways to express herself. Her newest single is one part of the clothed canvas she’s been working on, and this small piece is enough to move audiences upon first listen. 

Regarding A Part of Me and themes of moving forward, Sarah says, “In defining my identity, I’ve always considered myself an amalgamation of everything I’ve ever loved, so leaving a person who inspired me so much felt like leaving behind a part of me”. 

Formed by her love and those said emotions are directed to, Sarah goes through the pain of having an empty place in her heart in the form of those she’s left behind. The pain is new and from the present, and though it might never be fully gone, the good memories and shared joy will stay there to soothe her and make her appreciate those times even more. The bittersweetness of the track reflects those conflicting emotions, as she reminisces about some of her best moments and yearns for them to never be over. 

As she narrates different experiences and all-time favorites of hers, singing with crystal clear affection in the lyrics and her strong vocals, Krohn is accompanied by her high school guitar teacher, Jake, who participated in recording some guitar tracks for the single. The addition of someone who’s helped her grow and was a strong presence in her teenage years makes the theme of the track hit stronger. It even carries on into the music video, where a clip of the singer doing a backflip is a reference to the time spent with her friend. 

The official music video for “A Part Of Me”

Jake and I actually started skating together this past summer, which was always my dream. One day, he told me to do a kickflip, which is a trick I always dreamed of doing but never thought I would be able to. Then I had the idea to include a video of me doing one in the music video for A Part of Me. Through two months of bruised legs and aching bones, I finally did one. He was there to see it too. It was one of those full-circle moments,” Sarah adds. 

A Part Of Me is a joint effort between a young artist who loves with all her being and those who made her love feel heard and welcomed. Pushing onto listeners the belief of being honest and proud about those who are a part of us, and inducing sentimental tears and joy within at the same time, the song is a perfect gift to share with our friends and family, and to motivate us to keep going forward and go through more dear, life-changing moments. 

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