Siren Suit – Monstrous Chitterings

We’re glad to announce that Cincinnati, United States-based rock band Siren Suit have released a new album, entitled Monstrous Chitterings.

Siren Suit creates visceral high-volume rock music. Comprised of Dave Cupp (Caterpillar Tracks, Old City) on guitar/vocals, Kyle Knapp (The Turkeys) on bass/vocals, and Matt Retherford (Royal Holland, Minor Leagues) on drums, their raucous proto post-punk dances between the pummeling power of The Melvins and the dynamic interplay of Devo. Siren Suit are also 3 out of 5 members of local David Bowie tribute The Spiders, having decided to break off and start an original band using songs Dave had written at the time.

Having played concerts mainly at clubs in Cincinnati, Newport KY, Louisville, Columbus, and Dayton OH, the band is also set to open up for Human Impact, a noise-rock supergroup signed to Ipecac Records and consisting of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Swans, Xiu Xiu, and Unsane, at Southgate House Revival on Friday, December 10 along with Knife The Symphony and Child Bite (Detroit). Siren Suit have also appeared on Plumb Jamb at Radio Artifact and the Super Satan Show.

Inspired by bands such as Melvins, Jesus Lizard, Devo, Fugazi, Black Angels, The Who, and Black Pumas, Siren Suit released their third and newest album, Monstrous Chitterings, on Friday, November 5 in CD format at MOTR Pub, as well as on streaming services (Spotify, Youtube, Reverb, iTunes, etc.). The CD hard copy comes with original art by Dave Cupp and Natalie Grubbs, as well as a nifty lyric insert.

Describing the recording process and sound of Monstrous Chitterings, Dave Cupp from Siren Suit writes:

The album was recorded at The Lodge in Dayton, Kentucky by John Hoffman (Vacation) in November of 2020 and January 2021. Steve Wethington (Disaster Class, New Fidelity Studios) subsequently tracked overdubs and mixed the album over the following months. Mike Montgomery (R. Ring, Candyland Recording Studio) was once again wearing the mastering engineer’s cap.

The collection consists of songs mostly written and developed during lockdown. The band podded down and practiced in the open air on each other’s porches with little parlor guitars and a single snare drum. The music is still heavy, but displays a more melodic and song-based aesthetic. Vocal harmonies have been taken up many notches and arrangements are more carefully considered. There are also many added touches that band had yet to explore: organ, double bass by Erin Proctor (Tongue & Lips, Eat Sugar), parlor and 12 string guitars by Kyle Knapp, and of course some tasteful dabs of tambourine sprinkled throughout. Imagine if Melvins teamed up with Simon & Garfunkel and the guitars and barks of Ian McKaye.

RIYL: Melvins, Devo, Fugazi, King’s X, Black Angels, QOTSA, Jesus Lizard, Faraquet, Slint, Shellac

The album begins “Bandoliers,” which combines thundering bass, steady hi-hat rhythms, and grungey riffs with vocal harmonies and creative lyricism; while an impressive, melodic guitar solo midway through leads perfectly back into the concluding chorus. Next is “Gods,” which is about addiction and toxic relationships; the track begins with a driving, motorik beat and palm-muted electric guitar chords punctuated by distorted riffs. An ascending guitar chord progression then leads up to the chorus, with shouted vocals nicely underscoring later choruses.

“The Warm Blood” then begins with its wonderfully odd melodies, creative time signature, and impressive vocal harmonies; while “Impermanence” starts out with resonant acoustic guitar melodies amidst the sustained whir of electric guitar notes and powerful drumming, before distorted electric guitar chords and soaring vocal harmonies join in for the track’s compelling chorus. An electric guitar solo midway through nicely builds on the melody of the chorus, before the acoustic guitar motif returns to conclude the track.

“Blind Surgery” has more of a punk-inspired sound, with faster tempos and driving guitar riffs; while “Tremendous Repentance” is Siren Suit’s “Trump” song, proposing a fantasy world in which the man actually realizes how much of a horrible person he has been and is so sorry he wants to die, the song’s clever lyrics highlighted by steady yet dynamic drumming and angular electric guitar chords.

“Bakewell” is loosely about the January 6th, 2021 insurrection, featuring driving guitar riffs and dynamic rhythms that shift over the course of the song; while “Comet Ride” combines catchy vocal and guitar melodies with creative bass and drum rhythms. The album then closes with “Spag West,” where the track’s distorted guitar chords and quirky lyrics are punctuated by steady mid-tempo drumming, eventually joined by swirling lead guitar feedback towards its conclusion.

At the same time that Siren Suit’s eclectic musical influences can be heard on Monstrous Chitterings, the album leaves no doubt that the band have forged a unique (and highly enjoyable) sonic identity that is entirely their own. Showcasing the Siren Suit’s penchant for creative rock compositions and inventive lyricism, Monstrous Chitterings is quite an impressive work.

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