Elly Kace “Nothing I See Means Anything”

Elly Kace’s name is likely familiar to some of you – she recently released “I”, a single of hope and acceptance. For those yet unaware, Elly Kace is an acclaimed award-winning opera singer from Brooklyn. Her opera career kept her busy doing something she loved until pandemic happened and her career was put on hold by lockdowns. The excitement of touring Europe was replaced with fear and uncertainty and Elly, knowing she needed an outlet, sought refuge from the healing powers of creating music as well as meditation. Thus, her new self-titled project was born – music of boundless self-expression.

When I heard “I” and checked out the other two singles she had out before, I found they worked best together. All three of them kept up the flowing meditative pristine sound with beautiful vocals, with each showing its own side. Today I learn I was right – the new album Elly Kace releases today actually begins with the trio. Aside from the singles, the album carries 8 new songs, making a total of 11. The title “Nothing I See Means Anything” repeats itself in the song titles along with “Bless Them All” – these phrases became the North Star for writing the album.

The album begins with the first single, quite aptly titled “Are You Ready”. It’s a song that makes me feel lost in the wide landscape and while wandering around, I find my center. It’s as if meditative elements got combined with Björk and the result is beautiful. The next song, “Nothing” became my favourite quickly for the passion-twinged energy, powerful vocals, and those otherworldly wonderful harmonics I could live for. “I” offers a contrast with soft cloud-like soundscapes and carefully laid out verbalizations speaking out for hope, spiritual freedom, and acceptance.

“See” takes a turn into darker percussion-driven realms full of layered operatic vocals giving a sense of imminence and longing. That eases into the bassline of “Means”, incorporating powerful thundery percussion in a stormy atmosphere. The vocals, as layered as ever, turn into something truly epic, an embodiment of storming feelings. “Anything” is a contrast to the previous two with soft guitar and percussion and her gentle vocals dissecting the endless possibilities of being.

“Meditation” brings in a change in the album with a sequence of relaxing your body and concentrating on yourself before introducing to the soft delicate sounds of “Bless”. Shimmering sounds along with soothing percussion bring the form in the ethereal realms, influencing to let the spirit fly free. “Them” brings a more nightly feel with the slight influence of folk. The running swells of percussion between delicate vocals spin magic in the air. “All” introduces laid-back indie sounds with the driving feel in sliding bass guitar lines and her vocals. The journey ends with another favourite of mine, “Wild Things”. The harmonies along with sound design in this are incredible. The passion of running percussion, the changing soundscapes, and her soaring vocals turn this into one hell of a closing track.

Just like the singles, each song on the album offers its own world of thoughts, but together they become really immersive, a journey of healing and understanding yourself. It’s a beautiful, open, intimate and wonderfully produced album with a voice to be heard!

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