Gavan Waldby’s new single “Why Don´t You Care About Me”

Today’s featured track touches on unrequited love in a caring, heartfelt, and charming way. “Why don’t you care about me” is the latest track by Australian singer-songwriter Gavan Waldby, in which he channels his inner teenager to write a song that deeply connects with us in various ways.


Gavan Waldby’s music career covers a diverse mix of genres and styles. From playing at the Alan Brown Big Band to forming part in the musical comedy duo Chalk and Cheese for 15 years, he realized that he had an array of songs hidden within himself that he wanted to share with the world. He began his solo act by releasing the singles “My Waltz for You” and “Waltzing Matilda”, followed by “Looking Back”, “Did You Ever” and “The Chase”.

After the politically charged single “From the Machine Remix”, Waldby decided that his next song should be innocent in nature. Inspired by The Beatles (“I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You”), he soon began the conception of “Why Don’t You Care About Me”.

I had the chord progression worked out on my guitar. There was something in the rhythm that spoke to me with the words “Why don’t, why don’t”. Then came the phrase “Care about me”. At that moment suddenly I was a teenager again, remembering what desire was like at that age. Passionate, painful, wonderful, and so hard to come to terms with. I often thought am I dreaming, or should I believe in the way I feel? I would say you are listening to a songwriter and instrumentalist who wants you to feel the joy that lives in music. I hope that my songs can help light up your room.

Gavan Waldby

“Why Don’t You Care About Me” heavily features a guitar that rhythmically sings along with the vocals. Waldby playfully sings the syllables of each verse and chorus as if he was young once again as if he was skipping when walking. His delivery makes us remember those moments of sadness when a rejection made us doubt our own self-esteem. And yet he is able to maintain a cheery, charming mood with his music that makes us feel invaded by the nostalgia of those times gone by.

Gavan Waldby’s latest single is a testament to innocence in front of hard times. “Why Don’t You Care About Me” takes you back in time with its emotional touch.

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