Nikki Era “Something Beautiful”

Nikki Era helps listeners find ‘Something Beautiful’ amidst the darkness in her most recent electronic pop single. 

With a decade of experience in pop, dance, and alternative mediums, this multidimensional singer-songwriter is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind into. As she rejects the idea of confining herself to one sound or specific label, her music is as much of a wild card as she is: when it comes to what her next piece might be, the possibilities are endless. As she keeps experimenting with contemporary pop to her heart’s content through a variety of styles or aesthetics, Nikki Era uses a different lens for each of her artistic chapters. 

Right now she is currently exploring what she’s described as her MEGA era, in which she dives deep into what it means to feel free. From feeling like you can be loud and proud, to taking up as much space as you want in this world, and being unapologetically yourself, Era and Something Beautiful add onto this chapter of self-expression and confidence.  

Her current era heavily features late 80’s and early 90’s elements, both in regards to pop music and to the boldness and glamour that makes her tracks come alive. Something Beautiful contains all of these elements, both in the dynamic and retro-influenced beat and the wildly bewitching visuals of the official music video. As she explores the duality of light and darkness in this world and within herself, the song develops from a mystery covered in fog into a beautiful chaos you can’t look away from. 

Written three years prior to its release, the track was a piece vital to the artist’s self-discovery. It represents an important part of her, as it touches upon the fact that human beings are not chained down to one label or way of being — we are capable of being so many different things in life, just as art can become whatever you want it to be when placed under our subjective gaze.

To add onto this, Nikki said: “Sometimes labeling it is super hard and choosing a space is hard. I decided around that time to change my artist name to Nikki “Era” because I didn’t want to choose anymore. I just wanted to create in waves or “artistic eras” and if they are conflicting waves, whatever.”

During this period of her life, Nikki Era went through being part of American Idol, a creative drought, difficulties in her relationship, and the news of the illness of her mother. Though at that moment it felt that life had stopped, it was exactly those experiences — especially watching her mother go through recovery, that set time back in motion for her. 

Official music video for “Something Beautiful”

“It felt like everything was going wrong,” she says. “So I went into the studio and sat down and looked through the notes on my phone with my producer and I found a note called “something beautiful”. It wasn’t very long, just a few lines, “I can see rockets in you, boom.” And I think it was really a message to myself. I had hardly remembered recording it. And it was labeled as “something beautiful” and I think I called it that because I didn’t know what else to call these random lines of self-support.”

Born from her times of struggle, Something Beautiful is the greatest evidence that beauty can be created from darkness. With soft, alluring vocals, hard-hitting drums, and contemporary electronic elements, the final product is an auditive representation of those times and the memories Nikki Era has taken from them. In the end, she’s managed to prove that joy and love can be born from pain, and if we allow ourselves to look closely, we’ll realize the darkness imprisoning us that might be more fragile and beautiful than what we originally thought. 

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