SKiPPER! “Vintage”

SKiPPER! adds life back to our daily routines with a  ‘Vintage’ deep look into the beauty of nature.

A splash of color in the electro-pop community, SKiPPER! and their music is a happy virus — containing high energy and going at a pace that makes you feel you’ll be missing out on a great moment if you don’t listen to the entire song. 

Taking inspiration from artists such as HAIM, MUNA, Lorde, Taylor Swift, LEON, Kacey Musgraves, and Troye Sivan (holding great resemblance to the latter’s beginner, as a nice bonus for the OG Troye fans), the New York-based duo brings liveliness and delicacy in their unique melodies. Their music is a product of both of their minds, with Corinne providing honest and sweetened lyrics while Michael does his magic by fusing electronic pop with a warm acoustic twist. 

With one release per year, November, 2021, marks the month of their third release with the single Vintage, a nature-inspired song written in the height of the pandemic. Vintage is an energetic and upbeat journey through a clear and vivid field, making listeners want to dance and take a deep breath of fresh air. 

Written during times of isolation and facing the same four walls every day, Vintage is a song oozing vulnerability and a deep yearning to interact with nature. Within it lies the self-exploration the duo made during this time, as well as their feelings regarding Mother Earth and its beauty. 

SKiPPER! described the track as a scenario containing love and peace. The statement goes as follows: “Imagine two lovers running through an open field with the sun beaming down on their faces. They can hear birds chirping. They feel the crisp air and the grass between their toes. They are at peace and more importantly they are in love with a soul they’ve known before in another lifetime.” ​​

From the chirping of birds to the feeling of wind blowing in your face, Vintage is an immersive cinematic experience. The melody, while easy to follow, is complex enough to carry within it all of Corinne and Michael’s feelings, the environmental sounds, and a gradual escalation into an explosion of emotions, holding tension for a brief moment before the chorus hits at full swing right in the part of us that misses enjoying the open world. 

Aside from representing taking their first step towards reuniting with nature, this single also marks a new stage in SKiPPER!’s discography and identity as artists. Although in their early beginnings the duo (especially Corinne) leaned more towards electro-pop and heavy synth music, the passage of time and the introspection made during the pandemic has made their original “Sensitive Spunk” sound change into something more distinct to the duo. 

Still colorful, though on a softer hue now, and pulling from their southern roots and towards natural sounds, the new SKiPPER! maintains their essence that has attracted audiences since debut, now presenting itself in a different way.

Whether it’s picturing yourself running barefoot alongside your lover through a grassy field, or going on a morning run to feel alive as soon as you wake up, SKiPPER! and their third release will add sparkles and joy to your life.

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