Ivy Ash “Third Degree (Acoustic)”

Hey, what is this? An acoustic version of a song that’s anything, but boring?
Yes, the acoustic version of “Third Degree” is in inspiration of a song full of life energy. And so is the artist!

Ivy Ash is a promising upcoming pop artist from Leicestershire, UK and she brings aboard fresh funky vibes and strong lyrics. Her pop tunes have timeless energy and carry some really warm infectious house-like feel in the synths, creating a cool contrast with otherwise sparkling production. The artist also loves to bring out her intimate vulnerable side by making acoustic versions of her songs. When the regular version of the song brings you in for a dance and feels supercharged with energy, the acoustic songs bring forth a whole different world. Her newest release is one of them:

“So I’ve already done the original single called Third Degree (this was released 26th October) and the music video for that was released today. The next song to be released 23rd November “Third Degree (Acoustic)” is an extension of this so will all tie in really nicely.”

“Third Degree (Acoustic)” is a strong ballad featuring piano and the sound of a ticking clock. The flowing melodies of the piano will not sulk at all – the song runs at a speed of a determined mind, and her singing reinforces that indestructible firmness of newfound purpose. The lyrics hit harder here than in the regular release, bringing out a darker much more powerful side of the song. The song is in it’s whole really inspiring and says: “The clock is ticking, I’ve found what I want to do with my life and will not stand by getting thrown around anymore!”

“This track is all about discovering yourself and learning what you want. Lyrically, I wrote this from looking at old journals and I tried to express the way I felt when reading those journal entries, and reflecting upon what I experience. As a contrast, I wanted to music to be upbeat and danceable, so it almost catches you off guard when you realise the song is way darker than originally thought! With the acoustic release, I wanted a song that focuses only on vocals and piano, to really show off the alternate meaning behind the lyrics and how vulnerable they really are.”

It’s an empowering song. The lyrics wear hints to a relationship or friendship gone bad, but she has come out much stronger than before. The song also stands wonderfully on its own – it’s not just a side b of a song, instead it feels as if the acoustic production is made for the song. At the very least it’s a clear hint of the artist’s great songwriting skills because the regular version of “Third Degree” is also very good, and completely different whilst having the same core.

If you love the rather eternal glorious energy of pop tunes made by the likes of Britney Spears with smoothness in synths and wonderful vocals, Ivy Ash is for you. If you love piano-driven vocal productions that do not sulk in the sorrowful feelings, Ivy Ash is for you!

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