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Social media and its effects on people’s mental states is an important topic. It’s really hard to notice how easily it can create a warped sense of life and self-image when all you see are happy moments of people’s lives. “Skin“, a funk-laden single by Velas7 takes on that damage to us and shatters it!

So, who are Velas7? That’s the name of a Scottish electronic music duo writing smooth high-energy electronica coupled with uplifting vocals. The duo are a soul singer Susy K and electronic producer McIntyre. Loving each other’s artistic work, they began to work together as lockdowns started happening. The two artists infuse the best of soul with the wild energy of dance-pop, resulting in the signature sound of Velas7 – catchy, timeless, and full of endless dancefloor-filling energy.

“We describe our music as ‘electronic soul’.  Our music is always from the soul – we’re not afraid to experiment, and don’t concern ourselves with trends. It is joyous, uplifting and sincere, featuring stunning vocals and eclectic production.”


“Skin” is the duo’s newest single and their most uplifting one at it yet! Featuring soaring vocals that feel especially wonderful during the choruses, the song seeks to lift the spirits of all listeners. The catchy layered beats and rubbery bassline put a wibble in the feet. Shimmery synths with choral voices and echoing vocal bits build an elevated atmosphere letting the message really sink in. “Skin” is everything about recognizing the goodness within you, and it does not fail at bringing out a good mood.

“When we wrote ‘Skin’, we were thinking about how lost people can feel, feeling like they aren’t enough. Social media is a blessing and a curse in that sense….we’ve never been more connected online and we can share, discover and explore so much, but the downside is we often only see the best parts of people’s lives and we are often fed social ‘ideals’ that don’t apply to alot of us. With ‘Skin’, we wanted to remind people that who they are right now should be celebrated, and the sooner everyone lets go of external pressures and get more comfortable in their own skin, the better!”


The single comes in radio version, a longer dub version as well

As an instrumental version of the radio-length track, providing these uplifting vibes for every occasion. It’s a soul-infused anthem of a banger representing one of the most needed reminders. Social media presence doesn’t matter at all, what matters is feeling good about yourself and knowing you’re doing ok. A celebration of self-love and -appreciation for sure!

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