Saphira “1000 Color Sky”

Saphira brings the words “psychedelic” and “exhilarating” to a new level in her mind-bending colorful single,  ‘1000 Color Sky’.

Currently based in London, Saphira is a singer-songwriter with roots from the south of France and Lithuania. Using electronic melancholia and dream-pop beats, Saphira aims to explore human vulnerability, the upcoming apocalypse, stories of the city, love, and destruction, and the drama that accompanies it all. Some of the artist’s influences are Bjrök, Lady Gaga, David Lynch, Lana del Rey, and Florence & The Machine. For the track 1000 Color Sky, the main inspiration was the popular and beloved duo Daft Punk.

The song was recorded in London in producer Paul Stanborough’s studio, where on the day she recorded the vocals a huge rainbow could be seen through the window. 

Giving an electronic take on the spiritual and angelical, 1000 Color Sky is where the past meets the future as it narrates an encounter with the ever-present and beautiful angels, being told through an electro-pop melody and Saphira’s mystical vocals. Tied with the bow of a translucent and mesmerizing rainbow, the song is a vivid transcendent moment captured in four minutes available for one to listen to at any time. 

Inspired by a painting of her, where Saphira is portrayed nude among colors, the song represents Saphira’s realization of how “love was like flying among the most trippy colorful sky”. The song is the immortalization of the colorful state of mind the artist associates with falling in love, as well as her own take on the “happy love song” trope.

Official music video for “1000 Color Sky”

1000 Color Sky is undoubtedly showered in beauty and creativity; from its premise to its execution, the track is unique and ethereal. Able to provide visuals simply through the pulsing synths and reverberating bass lines, the inclusion of the artist’s alluring voice and detailed lyrics add onto the scenario the listener is building inside their minds. 

Every element of the song provides enjoyment and helps deepen the immersion. While listening to the song, listeners will be able to feel as though they’re floating, finally getting the chance to touch the clouds and play in the rainbows as we’ve yearned to do since we were children. 1000 Color Sky provides pleasure and fulfillment unlike anything else, aptly representing what euphoria sounds like. 

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