Few times in life do we come across artists who aren’t afraid to cross genres and create the music that beats deeply in their hearts. Whether it is jazz, pop, hip-hop, or punk, FIVESIDEDDICE finds no trouble in speaking on his own terms and is not afraid to do so. Such performance can only be achieved with a ridiculous amount of heart and a ridiculous amount of talent, as we can tell in his new EP: “Baggage“.

A 5 track EP that dwells in a world of jazz, blues, and rap mixed with the grungy textures of rock and punk. Altogether, the EP shows musicianship that is out of the charts and a charisma that is found only once in a while.

Regardless if it is the acoustic hip-hop groove of “Another Night, Another Tragedy” (which suddenly turns into a smooth hard-core tune), the ironic lyricism and jazzy flow of “Killmusic (feat. Chester Summerton & Tiago Vital), the roadhouse blues of “Running Out of Life (feat. Lookie Banzie & Chester Summerton), the grungy groove of “Unfit”, or the soft melodies of “Leaving”, we as listeners can rest assured that every track holds a unique voice and a life of its own, leaving us with a good flavor all the way through the end.

(Please note that this EP is not yet released, but you can pre-save it right here: Baggage by FiveSidedDice – DistroKid) OUT NOW!!!

This self-produced artist stands up to the challenge of the DIY process with a strong finesse, and it is truly mind-blowing the ability he and his musicians have to deliver such an outstanding auditive experience. So, we encourage you to listen to “Baggage” all the way through, we promise you won’t regret it.

Lyrics go from speaking about the city life as well as suburban life within South Africa to the absurdity that slips through the cracks within rap lyrics, with no one paying any mind to it; also, about the pains and annoyances of living in a small and/or secluded hometown, about the fear of giving birth or bringing life into this world (knowing that you might very well be “unfit” for the job description), and, finally, commenting on the self-destructive act of choosing to stay in a place (town/city/household/country/etc) that is inherently bad for one’s health and well-being, suggesting that people should leave these things behind and seek better for themselves.

“I want this short EP to be a form of baggage itself for anyone that comes across it and enjoys it. A good kind of baggage though; like a toolbox.” – Roscoe Nefdt / FiveSidedDice

“Babbage” was made by:

Roscoe Nefdt / “FiveSidedDice” – Vocals, guitars, percussion & synthesizer. Tiago Vital (featured artist) – Bass guitar on “Another
Night, Another Tragedy” & “KillMusic” as well as trombone on “Killmusic”. Chester Summerton (featured artist) – Tenor Saxophone on “Killmusic” and “Running Out of Life”. Lucas “Lookie” Banzi (featured artist) – vocals/rap on “Running out of Life”

Independently produced, mixed, and mastered by Roscoe.

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In case you missed it, you can check his previous EP “Confession Tapes 2” here

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