Brianne Matthews “Someday”

The gentle season of wishes has arrived and in the light of this time, we go to Canada, the home country of singer-songwriter Brianne Matthews. The young artist creates emotive, melodious, and soft acoustic music, bridging modern pop and neo-soul. The path to becoming a musician came naturally for Brianne – she discovered music for herself at the age of 4, the joy of singing at school singing contests, and has been writing songs since those school days. Writing music is the vessel of spreading joy and happiness as well as connecting to listeners, a kind of a language as she explains:

“Music is a language to me, probably the rawest and purest language out there. The artist may write a song in one way but then the listener will understand it in a different way. This is the reason behind why I love to write music. I love the simplicity of it all.”

Brianne Matthews

Her newest release is a simple wintery single named “Someday“, weaving dreams together with hopes for a better future – someday you’ll achieve what you’re dreaming about and working for today. It’s an optimistic and gentle song with an almost unplugged airy feel, suitably so for something that seeks to bring a sense of calmness and hope to the listeners. The lyrics feel equally simple and full of hope, sung by a voice that’s best described as dreamy and warm. A glimmer of bright thoughts is released in what’s otherwise the darkest and possibly most depressing part of the year in the northern hemisphere at least.

When asked what her music brings to the listener, Brianne explained it in words that fit the single just perfectly, as well as her other releases:

“I think the main thing listeners can expect from my music is that I always strive to convey a message through the lyrics that I write. My music is a great conveyor of feelings and emotions. When people listen they are see music as a pure untouched emotion that brings back nostalgia or calmness.”

So, if you’re sick of Christmas songs, but still need sweet calm songs and acoustic singer-songwriter music fits the bill perfectly – Brianne Matthews is the answer!

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