Bby Blue – “Never Smile”

A distorted perspective on love. A unique piece crafted by this multi-instrumentalist and producer that shows the most savage side of a love song. Lo-Fi trap that twists conventionalism and delivers a unique rarity.

Bowen Hardcastle, aka Bby Blue, used to play in bands and his brother used to live with one of his bandmates. Turns out his bandmate one day kicked his brother out and left his stuff outside. When Bby Blue went to his ex-bandmates’ house to pick up his brother’s stuff (’cause he wasn’t available), the ex-roomies called the cops on him for being on their property. From that day on, Baby Blue became a solo artist.

That being said, Bowen has a lot of different influences and musical likings, the list goes from EarthGang to Prince, and Nirvana to Mac Miller. Multifaceted and experimental, this artist isn’t afraid to show who he is and does so by writing about his own experiences in life.

Never Smile” is his most recent single taken from his upcoming album and it is something to really be aware of. A vintage sample opens the Lo-Fi track, with shimmering synths and a beautiful atmosphere. The track quickly becomes a hip-hop/trap tune with discordant melodies. The vintage sample remains but it is given a funky twist.

“The song is about the nostalgia of being in love with someone who is leaving the relationship but is still talking to you. I sampled Frank Sinatra. I was actually never gonna use the song because it didn’t feel like my style until my friend convinced me it’s really good”

BBy Blue

Bby Blue’s rapping reminds us of similar artists like Landon Cube and Lil Skies. A song about love, as aforementioned, with its own, rare, musical way.

So far, Bby Blue has been on the UCCS radio and performed on the Gibson Tour bus as a guest in high school. And now, he’s just getting back into performing and coming out of his shell that the pandemic created.

I have a song called Falling Asleep in the Pool which is actually about Falling Asleep in the Pool. I was safe thankfully. Was partying. Fell asleep in a pool, woke up went, and did a photoshoot. It was a strange night.

“My music will always be full of surprising and full of innovation. I want to create a unique atmosphere for every song for the listener”

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