Lakes- “Say So”

Is there a better way to start this new year than with new music? In Less Than a 1000 Followers, we proud ourselves on featuring rising artists that we believe have the talent to change the music scene. Today, we present to you Lakes with her first ever single “Say So“, a powerful electronic pop ballad with a heavy, emotional atmosphere that tingles every sense in your body!

Lakes is a Canadian pop singer based in Montreal. Being just her second single, this release along with Want Your Love (here debut single) are her first steps in what seems to be a promising journey! Released in the last months of last year, “Say So” tells the story of an on-off relationship that just can’t seem to land on its feet. The single was mixed and produced by The Domain in his studio Down Under.

“This is the sound of moonlight ocean drives, neon blue thunderstorms and black roses. Music to free your soul of the past and medicine for your mind. Lakes’s voice crashes through your consciousness like wind or like the ocean tide whispering in your ear reminding you of who you are and inspiring you to remain true to the essence of your being”

It may be her first steps, but Lakes has shown that she has already built a sound for herself. Harrowing synths build up a dark atmosphere that is dense and full of emotional strength, making us feel trapped in the relationship she portrays in her lyrics. And yet, her voice features an angelic touch that enchants the listener. As with her music, Lakes’ voice has different layers that she exploits to the max: It may sound innocent, but hidden within its depths is a certain sorrow with a seductive touch. The blend between the music and her voice thus has an effect that both traps us and convinces us to stay.

“Say So” is a huge step for Lakes. With her excellent vocals and electronic backdrop, the Canadian singer has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with this new year! We sure are excited at what she will bring in the future!

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