Never Wanted To Lose” is a highly energic pop-punk/post-hardcore track that snaps at you with a heavy bite. This new single from Audio Decoy is a delivery that no emo-rock fan wants to miss.

Charged with a heavy dose of force, grit, and emotion, this single slams hard with its distorted guitars, driving bass, fat drums, and melodic vocals. Reminding us of those alternative bands from our youth like State Champs, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, or The Wonder Years, Audio Decoy delivers a nostalgic sound filled with pumped-up energy and pure raw emotion.

The band was created by Chris Coykendall (Vocals/Guitars/Drums), and Dan Paradinha (Keys), a pair of friends who’ve been writing music for a long time in Norfolk, Virginia. Two years ago “Never Wanted To Lose” saw its first demo, and now it has been resurrected and taken to the place that it was always meant to be.

The message of the song is to let go of past experiences that were lies, in other words, letting go of someone and the memories associated with them, some of which are overly fabricated, according to Chris’ words.

You’ll listen to some great guitar riffs, reminiscent of emo-hardcore bands like Escape The Fate, or even My Chemical Romance. The song is powerful enough to stay in your subconscious with its violent groove and bright vocals.

All in all, the track is very fun to listen to and will probably take you down memory lane, remembering those teenage years of punk and metal!

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