Indigo Daydream “Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)”

We’re glad to announce that Totnes, United Kingdom-based alternative rock artist Indigo Daydream has released a new single, entitled “Never Minded Being Alone (but lately).”

Indigo Daydream is the alternative rock creation of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Cheshire. The third official single from Indigo Daydream (following December 2021’s “How Would it Feel to Know the Truth,” for which you can read our review here), “Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)” is a beautiful, haunting atmospheric ballad. Distorted guitars bathed in reverb float on the air, wrapping seamlessly around the emotive vocals with a dream-like quality. 

For the past two years the world has needed us to stay apart from one another. ‘Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)’ is a song about love in a time of disconnection,” Nick Cheshire says about the inspiration and meaning behind Indigo Daydream’s latest single. The lyrical language of loneliness encapsulated in the song is a sentiment we can all no doubt relate to after the past couple of years. Phrases like “isolation” and “social distance” have become all too commonplace, and loneliness is an obvious consequence for many people. However, “Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)” carries with it a message of hope as well, in lines like “hold me close, don’t let go, is what I live for.”

“Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)” begins with droning washes of fuzzy, warm-sounding synths and an atmospherically distant electric guitar melody. Hazy vocals and laid-back acoustic guitar strumming add further to the track’s dreamlike quality (which is later heightened by nostalgic synth leads and echoing vocal layers), before the song ends as it begins, with the words of its title. A touching and honest single that will no doubt tug on your heart strings a little as you listen, “Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)” is quite an enjoyable listen, once again highlighting Indigo Daydream’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of psychedelic- and alternative/indie rock alike.

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