Sometimes I get lost in words when trying to describe the amount of talent present in a song. “The Devil’s Gold” is one of them. Imagine, if you may, another world, a fantasy one. A world where angels fall and a dark evil lurks in every corner… This is just a glimpse of what Nobody’s Wolf Child has to offer.

After the release of their debut single The Fall, this new song continues with NWC’s story. After falling down, the main character now finds herself surrounded by shadows and an evil force that seduces and tries to turn her into something else. Something wicked.

Not quite aware of what’s happening, she dwells in her swirling mind where power, lust, and rage start to get ahold of her. Distant from the heavenly vibes of its predecessor, “The Devil’s Gold” is far darker and with heavy instrumentation.

The overarching storyline is about the relationship between the Wolf Child and
the outside world. Whilst she discovers her strength, supported and healed by the
natural world, she also becomes more alienated from human society.

Starting with wicked synths and eerie vocals, the lyrics quickly present another version of NWC. An atmospheric choir throws verses of death and loss, while a bed of orchestra and heavy percussions deliver the grounding.

The blend of the vocals with the instrumentation is sublime, creating a story-driven landscape filled with drama and fantasy. Ever-increasing, The Devil’s Gold is a masterpiece and only the second track of a 12 track collection waiting to be released. Truly outstanding.

The upcoming visuals tell her story of temptation, being almost lost to another force.
She reaches for help from both within and to darkness surrounding her; Finding
strength from those always watching from the shadows who answered the calls.

Close to perfect, this single is a majestic listening experience and a must-hear for everyone. And of course, the visuals are out of this world. Just look at the cover!

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