Nobody’s Wolf Child “Lost Among the Pines”

Nobody’s Wolf Child talks more about her year-long project and most recent release, the third single ‘Lost Among the Pines’, in this exclusive interview. 

United Kingdom-based artist Nobody’s Wolf Child is an enigmatic and intriguing entity, surrounded by faint but visible traces of a complicated past and a fateful future. With each new track giving context as to who the Wolf Child is and builds anticipation to her journey, listeners can join this lore train early and walk alongside the Wolf Child on her unknown path. 

With the release of the first single, Fall, in January, and the second, The Devil’s Gold, in February, the artist greets March with a new piece that will give closure to the first of four trilogies that will come out during the year. Lost Among the Pines, which came out on the eleventh of this month, marks the beginning of the story of the Wolf Child. The single, as every other has and will continue to do, has its own accompanying visuals that provide a deeper insight into the story.

Lost Among the Pines is still a cinematic and moving piece, but differing from its two predecessors, the third installment contains a more peaceful and still energy. Although it’s chilly, and the freezing temperatures can be dangerous, it also has a sense of fragility that had not been perceived until the Wolf Child found herself in the gentle and quiet forest. 

As Nobody’s Wolf Child leads the song, setting the lost and sad feelings that will permeate it during all of its run, the accompanying voices of the forest, featured as strings, will soon join her and let her know she can find a home in this white landscape. As the Wolves and the shadows of the trees welcome her into her new home, the ethereal and minimalistic instrumentals will embrace the listener as well. 

In order to receive even more information on the Wolf Child and her past and future steps, Less Than 1,000 Followers had the honor of “sitting down”, per se, and hearing out what she had to say about the questions that have been popping up in both our and the listeners’ heads.

  1.  Hi! First of all, I would love to know more about the name of this project. How did Nobody’s Wolf Child come to be?

Hello! Thank you for ‘having me’ as such…

The name is who and what she is. She’s been howling in the distance of my mind for a long time waiting for her moment to leap forward, with her heart on fire and all her shiny teeth and claws at the ready.

  1. You’ve done an outstanding job with the cinematic, lyrical, and instrumental aspects of your craft. What are your main inspirations or influences in those areas?

Thank you very much for the compliment!

I think everything I’ve loved has sunk into the subconscious. Whether that be a song, a sound, certain words, images, film. Everything is an opportunity waiting to be pulled at again when it’s time to sit down and write. Everything sings.

  1. In only three projects, you’ve managed to show three very different sounds and ambiences. The Fall is more ethereal and tragic, while The Devil’s Gold has a darker feel. What did you want to achieve with Lost Among The Pines?

Pines has an intimacy and stillness that is in contrast to the previous two and brings the observer into The Forest.

The Forest represents the inner sanctum of NWC and its the first time the listener is taken there…and we’ll stay there for a bit 🙂

  1. How do you go through the songwriting process for these twelve songs? Is the lore already decided, or are there some things still being discussed?

I have to say it was a very magical process, all along the way it has been clear that there are creatures in the strings, so to speak. The lore exists in its own right and I can merely reflect it as best I can. I must use all I have to tell it as beautifully as I see it.

  1. Dramaturgy is something that comes very naturally to you, proven by the current releases. Can we expect a similar structure and dramatic feel to be a permanent feature?

There are some drama queens on the way.

As for the songs as yet unwritten, I can’t speak for them….No, I can. It’s absolute drama.

  1. What is the main message behind Nobody’s Wolf Child? If the answer contains any spoilers, we can discuss only this trilogy!

Music is so subjective and that’s really a wonderful thing, so I’d never manipulate a listening experience by explaining what one should be hearing or feeling.

  1. What are some goals or achievements you hope to accomplish this year such an ambitious project?

I’m just happy doing the doing of it and making this all come to life. Really it’s been such a long road for me as a musician with times when I was not even a musician, or so it felt. This year I will continue to write, while putting out the finished tracks, with their visual counterparts. The aim is to build the fan base to a point where we can put on a ridiculously elaborate and beautiful show.

  1. Since this is the conclusion for the first trilogy, can we get any hints as to what we’ll hear in the next installment?

Oh well….I think number 4 ‘Green Fires’ breaks you in gently with a little bit more of a different vibe and then the two after that, are very much personal statement songs which underpin the project and are from a more primal place.

  1. Last but not least, we’d like to hear how you’d explain the project to new audiences. To people who are only now discovering you, how would you describe NWC?

I like to think each song is like diving into the heart of a fairytale with your ears and eyes.

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