Simone Nicole “Divine”

Love thyself – that’s a notion that’s constantly repeated, and quite understandably so. Things seem to become a lot easier when you accept yourself as you are, and days will feel light and joyful like “Divine“, the newest release by Simone Nicole.

She’s an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who has become known for her lively guitar-driven sound and beautiful evocative singing voice. While the overall sound can easily be described as indie pop, there are plenty of influences ranging from folk all the way to sparkling radio pop. Growing up, she was enamored by country artists like Shania Twain and Leann Rimes, and when the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears came into the spotlight, her love for pop music blossomed swiftly. All of that and more has now come together in her honest and delicately handled songwriting.

This newest release sees Simone breaking out from her usually gentle folk-layered sound and embracing the energy and optimism of pop music. And the result is “Divine”, a song that combines all the wonderful aspects of pop into a tasteful experience. And by experience I really mean pleasure – the song is like a little audio movie with chapters lined out quite clearly, but they’ve been seamlessly joined together with wonderful little details like a swell of background vocals, a dash of synth shimmer, or changing percussive elements. All of this makes for an exciting and captivating song that calls for multiple replays.

“Marina and I were brainstorming what to write about, and I threw out the idea of having this feminine pop song about self-love and being selective of who we let into our space, body, and mind. Who we share out energy with. And then the song started writing itself as we began sharing how we’ve both learned how important, sacred, and vulnerable we all are.

This is my first “Pop” release and if someone would go back through my catalog they’ll notice a genre change info more folky/indie/alternative/pop feels. But lyrically there’s still a flow of honesty, vulnerability, and painting of feelings / situations with poetic words and melodies.”

Simone Nicole

I couldn’t really ask for a better pop song!

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