Alycce “What Do You Dream”

Being in love is an intoxicating combination of all sorts of layered feelings. The fluttery floating state that sometimes gets interrupted by the passing “oh god what’s happening?” thoughts, runs on the constant current of learning to know that special person. Today’s song gazes into the eyes of them and asks, driven by a flurry of emotions, the following question: what do you dream?

Greeting from Germany, Alycce is an electronic music producer crafting smooth dance music with main attention on filling the room with good vibes and, in her words, “transfers into another dimension”. She loves bringing other artists aboard to write songs with them – the resulting collab offers both expertly crafted foot-tapping synths and beats, and sweet vocals from promising talents. The new single continues this line, too.

Titled “What Do You Dream“, Alycce’s newest single is a fittingly dreamy song co-written with an upcoming german artist named tine (in all lowercase). tine also lent her vocals on the track and her gentle soft voice rounds that love-filled atmosphere up quite perfectly.

“I wrote this song together with tine. And she had the first idea and we create this whole song. It’s about the feeling when you’re on the first dates with someone but you don’t know how exactly what they’re feeling about you. But you really feel a deep connection.”


The song starts with a deeply vibrant synth chord, which also continues throughout the song and sets the stage for the celestial state of love. There’s a little bit of trap-like influence present in percussion when it swaps from the speedy beat to weightless interludes. Those moments feel like the world stopping when you look at your loved one, while the rest of the song embodies the loveful feelings rushing around in your head.

That’s the song of spending time cuddling with your loved one, loving every moment of it, and at the same wondering if the other side feels the same. This song will also be a part of Alycce’s upcoming debut EP that’s set to come out in March.

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