Daniele Carmosino “Water Drops”

Sparkling drops of rain coming from an epic-scale approaching thundercloud, moisturizing landscape that has not seen any rain for weeks. This is what “Water Drops” sounds like, and this song feels as refreshing as that rain after weeks of hot sun and clear blue skies.

The single comes from Daniele Carmosino, who is an electronic producer, composer, and sound designer originally from Italy and now living in Spain. He’s a producer with a strong sense for movie soundtracks, creating fresh-sounding classical compositions interwoven with electronic elements. Taking the best out of both worlds and many more genres that have formed the artist’s sound over the years, the resulting work is melodious, gentle, warm, and lively, as well as tall, powerful, and monolithic when it needs to be.

Water Drops” incorporates both the gentleness and the powerful aspects, blending them together to paint an image of approaching rain or the arrival of spring that melts the ice and sets previously frozen water on the move. What begins with a few drops, quickly builds momentum and brings forth reinvigorating symphony of sounds, driven by sampled drums and heightened by string melodies that feel as if they’re outlining shapes of the landscape. The second half of this piece feels especially rich and vibrant with layered strings.

“The song is an exploration of what can be done using an electronic approach to classical composition: it all started around a sampled piano that plays an impossible riff created by an arpeggiator. Then the drums and percussions (again all samples) were built around that initial groove. Then the pizzicato strings (all recorded live) were filling the little space left creating an organic and evolving texture. Finally the bass (played by the iconic Sequential Prophet 10) and the live legato strings add up the epic-ness and dynamic of the piece.”

Daniele Carmosino

And just when the string swells come in showing the stunning imagery of lush nature, the rain ends, and the water settles. It has done its job at bringing everything to life, leaving us with the shimmery nature that lasts.. until next time.

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