Moonlight Thief – “4 a.m.”

This deep and catchy song from the German duo, Moonlight Thief, is a melancholic expression of shattered emotions and the ghosts of relationships. A song perfectly fitted for all you darkness and alt-rock lovers.

Moonlight Thief is a new project created by two fairly young artists: Emily Küpers (15 yo) and Alexander Almering (17 yo). Emily delivers the profound emotional vocals in her lyrics, while Alexander supports her melodies with guitars and drums.

As a result of a school project, this duo is now committed to the release of original music, and “4 a.m” is their first delivery ever. I believe that we are just as excited as them for this new title and hope to keep hearing more from them in the short run.

Reminiscent of Placebo, the intro of “4 a.m” offers an acoustic guitar strum that encompasses loneliness and depression. Emily’s lyrics are as deep as her desolate voice, tender and vulnerable. In the music video, you can see the aftermath of what seems to be a breakup, the comings, and goings of the mind. The self-eating vultures of the spirit.

What we have here is pure teenage spirit trying to let itself out to heal its scars from the world. The song advances into an unexpected upbeat part where electric guitars and bright big drums fill the space around them.

Power and intimacy are present all along the track and are the defining stones for Moonlight Thief’s music. Not too bad for this young duo’s debut and certainly a wonderful promise for what’s to come.

By now we’ve finished a few more songs, mostly acoustic with spare electric parts, and aim for a full album in summer. The mood of almost every piece will be sad and pensive with only a few uptempo parts. Aside from that, we look forward to some already concerted gigs in spring and summer.” – Moonlight Thief

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