Heidi Serwer’s beautiful new EP “Palm Tree on the Drywall”

The last couple of years, which arguably feels more like one very long year, has affected our lives on unforeseen levels. The same goes for today’s artist Heidi Serwer, whose newest release was written in this era. While all the big things have been put to sleep indefinitely by the ongoing pandemic, this artist concentrates on the lovely little things in life in her new EP “Palm Tree on the Drywall”


The artist is Heidi Serwer, who is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with a delicate singing voice. She’s adept at writing pleasantly soft indie rock since about 2014 when her first EP “Stranger” came out and stunned people with the artist’s wholehearted lyrics and smooth sound. Serwer has been an active part of the Chicago music scene for over 20 years as a collaborator and performer playing on various venues. Her own music as a result shines with sweet guitar playing and songwriting, that’s both really pleasing to listen to and show her true talent as a storyteller lyricist with lively captivating music.

“I started songwriting later in my life and love the storytelling aspect of it. I guess I spend more time considering lyrics than I do melody. Melodies are what grab me in a song but lyrics are what keep me returning.”

Heidi Serwer

Her newest release is, as I already mentioned, a pandemic-era creation, and you can hear the resulting more minimalistic and introspective approach to songwriting quite clearly. It’s not a depressing release, quite the contrary – “Palm Tree on a Drywall” is a collection of 6 songs speaking of little big things and memories that have been present in the artist’s life. It’s also a vessel for hope, and her soothing singing voice with soft guitar-based instrumentation fills that duty perfectly.

The album is home to plenty of emotions. There’s a soft loveful notion in the title track along with really beautiful guitar melodies, there are indie rock songs like “Paper Flowers” and “Configurable” that immediately make you feel at ease with their vibrancy, with a strong dose of optimism included in the sweet guitar riffs of “Pine Needles”. The first song of the EP “Anything Else, But” comes with the most intimate sound on the album, and the last song of the album has that wonderful swaying beat to it with sweet electric guitar injections, slowly easing into an outro that sounds almost Blur-esque to me.

“These songs mark a point in time last winter in Chicago. It’s arguably my least self-conscious writing since I really didn’t intend to publish them. I decided to move forward with the project after discussing with my friend and record producer, Steve Dawson. We spent the summer with weekly sessions putting down one track at a time. He turned my simple guitar and vocal tracks into something so much more than I ever imagined they could be.

“Anything Else, but” kicks off the record. It’s an unconventional opener but was actually the first song I wrote when I sat down last February to create these songs. I had so many ideas on my head after months of quarantine but this just came out. “Pine Needles,” the single on the record, celebrates this incredibly tall pine tree in my backyard that has seen just about everything over the 18 years that my family and I have lived here.

It’s funny which memories last. Growing up, my older cousin had this amazing beach scene wallpaper on one wall. I loved hanging out with her in her room staring at that palm tree and dreaming that I was on that beach. That’s where “Palm Tree on the Drywall” came from. “Vitamin D” is, well, we’ve all just spent two years hiding from a pandemic…”

Heidi Serwer

In the era where bad news just keeps on coming in and there’s no certainty for a better tomorrow, it’s heartwarming to listen to an album that’s keeping its head low and concentrates on the positive little things in the artist’s own life. The soft memories and lovely hope-filled thoughts of hers that have been put into beautiful calm songs make for a relaxing listening experience and remind us that despite all the ongoing hell life is still pretty wonderful. Nothing can take away your memories of lovely things too, that’s for sure!

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