Sugar Relics- “Can’t Stay Awake”

Today’s featured single is about the struggle with one of the most prevalent problems of the modern world. “Can’t Stay Awake“, the newest single by LA-based act Sugar Relics is a dark and moody track that goes all out with its beat and synths all while featuring a catchy chorus and lyrics that reflect a personal battle against mental health.

Sugar Relics is a project managed by singer-songwriter Laura Serafine. “Can’t Stay Awake” is a single in Laura’s upcoming album inspired by the singer’s own experience with mental health, a moment in her life that almost everyone can relate to in a way: when we are stuck in a dark place without an exit on sight. She takes these emotions and lets them all out through music. “Can’t Stay Awake” was recorded in Kairos Music in Los Angeles, with Hobyn Yi serving as the producer.

The backstory for this track is that back in 2015, I was struggling with a lot of mental health issues and depression. I felt the urge to sleep all the time, even when I really wanted to get up and do the things I loved. I kind of created this persona of a villain that was the urge to sleep. This song, Can’t Stay Awake, is written from the perspective of me being sort of held hostage by that sleep villain, and begging to be let go. -Sugar Relics

“Can’t Stay Awake” is a powerful song musically and thematically. Its synths and beat go all out in creating a dark yet extremely enticing and haunting atmosphere that is a joy to listen to. However, the standout element of the track is the vocal performance. Serafine’s delivery makes it evident of the personal place the song was born from. It features an emotional prowess that easily transmits the frustration she felt. In this way, “Can’t Stay Awake” serves a therapeutic purpose by letting her transform all of those times she could not stay awake.

Sugar Relic’s new single is a powerful reflection of mental health that is rare to see nowadays. “Can’t Stay Awake” is a personal and deeply touching single. It is a little taste of her upcoming album, so make sure to hear it if you enjoyed it!

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