The feeling of time passing by without being able to “make it” is tough. This new artist from Boston, USA has created a track to help him battle the feelings of anxiety and not moving fast enough. “Outta Time” is a song that tries to convey to not give up on your dreams and keep moving forward.

We’ve all been there, that feeling of rush, the feeling of being outta time as we grow older. Stephen Sifflard AKA TWAM, a 20 yo singer, drummer, and producer went through a phase where everything around him seemed to be moving fast while he was feeling stuck.

I felt like I couldn’t make anything happen for myself and was over thinking every decision.” – TWAM

“Outta Time” is an anthem for those that are struggling to reach their dreams and sense time is running out as they get older. The music business is tough and by the time your 25 if you haven’t made it, it’s almost like it’s not going to happen.”

Feeling the need to put an end to these emotions, TWAM decided to put all of his stress and worries into this track so they would transform into positive energy. All this energy led place to “Outta Time”.

TWAM has the ability to blend elements of pop, alternative, soul, and melodic rap all while maintaining a cohesive and focused sound. His voice has a very Pop approach and it separates itself from others thanks to his soft and intimate feel, a characteristic that makes him feel “real” and familiar.

A drummer by heart, TWAM uses his drumming skills to lay the foundation for all his tracks. A massive kick immediately opens up the track while waves of synths and percussions present the beat. TWAM’s vocals are high-reaching and evolving from bar to bar. A mix of singing and rap creates a unique atmosphere hyphened up by the subtle 808s and the key changes between verses and chorus.

Presenting cool and smart transitions “Outta Time” feels fresh, presenting a welcoming mood that sets the pace to groove out with the song. Truly a blast, and an effective song to fight against insecurity.

When I say “Maybe I can restart the clock” I’m trying to convey to not give up on your dreams and keep moving forward.

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