Xander Cameron – “Whitney Houston”

As funky as funk can get, this brand new single by British artist, Xander Cameron is a delightfully uplifting song dedicated to the GOAT. Bask yourselves under the dreamy bliss of “Whitney Houston“.

We all love Whitney, at least that’s what I would imagine. I remember the first time that I listened to “I Will Always Love you” I was immediately stunned by her voice. Well, something similar happened to Cameron; an experience that would leave such a mark that it would turn into a song many years later.

“I remember watching the UK top 40 on TV when I was about 8 years old, on came ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney. The second she opened her mouth I was hooked, What. A. Voice. For weeks I trawled through my parents CD, Vinyl and cassette cupboards trying to find it so I could listen to it on repeat, but never succeeded. To this day, each time I hear a belting vocal performance I think back to that time.” – Xander Cameron

Xander Cameron is a music producer from Manchester, UK, who has been writing solo music since 2017. His main influences are quite amusing as they represent two very different poles apart: George Michael and Nine Inch Nails. I respect that, as I love them both as well!

He performs everything from vocals and guitars to synthesizers and piano. His production skills are very polished as you will be able to tell once you hit that play button. After already releasing two EPs: “Rebel RM Roséme” and “South Stage Broadway“, the artist is back with this great single that we think will leave a mark for ages.

The song wastes no time and quickly presents a funky beat backed up with a grooving bass. Underwater synths and clean guitars lay the bed for Xander’s voice while high-gain guitars fill the holes between his verses. The whole vibe is dreamy and an ode to the pop singer, you might even get the surprise of a “feature” of hers in the chorus!! Outstanding.

“When I’d listen to Whitney with friends, we’d joke about how she had ‘a right set of lungs in her’. From there, the song came to me. I built it around the idea of ‘praying every night for a set of lungs like Whitney’, and couldn’t wait to finish it and release it as a debut single.” – Xander Cameron

Hypnotic, funky, retro-feeling, with a brass section and even a sax solo. What a ride, what a vibe! An amazing delivery by this Manchester artist. Added to the playlist!

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