Moon & Aries – “The Arrival”

This unlikely duo has landed a retro-pop single that wraps us under digital neon lights and a purple synthetic ocean. “The Arrival” is a synth-wave-styled track created to lift us up with its high vibration and chill vibe.

Moon & Aries is a brand new music duo created by German composer/producer Tom Aries and Canadian writer/singer Jordana Moon. Their mission is to make music that helps raise the collective consciousness and bring us warmth and assurance for a brighter future… Neat!

If you’re into synth-wave and retro-pop this song is for you. “The Arrival” comes with classic instrumentation of synths, steady electronic drum beats, and the wonderful ethereal vocals of Moon. The song evolves and flows seamlessly as if it were a smooth wave gently crashing onto the shore.

Chill and cosmic, the single from this duo is part of their brand new album debut also called, The Arrival and it’s part of their mission to create something unique guided by their philosophy, purpose, and passion.

The electronic waves of “The Arrival” softly kiss our ears with their logarithmic rhythm. Its slow pace and bright colors create an ethereal bliss of light, shadow, and echoes. The futuristic visualizer also helps to convey even more the feeling of depth and gravity of the track.

Without a doubt, these two are on a mission of the spirit, and it is up to you to decide if you will join them in this electronic, celestial vision.

The Arrival album is a philosophy, our culture, and way of life. It’s who we are and how we want to resonate thru the musical Universe.” – M&A

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