This brand new single takes us back to our very first time seeing a band perform live: The pulsating energy all through our bodies, the trembling on our feet, and the sense of wonder that lingers, just like the ringing in our ears!

Still Shining” is an ode to music shows created by this multigenerational group: Coastal Town. With most of its members still in high school, Coastal Town delivers a powerful and professional sound that was achieved thanks to the support of their local music community!

Imagine yourself being 13 yo and that your very first concert is seeing none other that Daft Punk! That must be amazing! Well, such is the story behind this track. That buzz that you feel as you walk out the door in amazement. Wonderful times!

A blend of electronic and analog elements pulsates heavily with a high dose of energy, just like a live show! The guitar work is an ode to the French superstars and the composition evolves into an explosion of danceable beats, funky bass, and an overall fun attitude.

Coastal Town likes to follow the songs where it takes them, but they rely on their lyric-driven Alternative / Indie Pop sound. With no less than 5000 listeners on Spotify, this band is making a fantastic job at entertaining people with their charm and musical experience!

I believe that they did a great job at capturing that after-show wonderful moment of bliss and dopamine overdose. The structure is pretty well done as it keeps evolving, never feeling repetitive, and that’s another thing that makes is so cool to listen to.

Coastal Town has already released an album produced by Doug Fury (Bif Naked, Guitarist/Producer) and currently recording their second one!

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