The Finch Cycle – “Barriers To Change”

This Australian artist brings to us a sublime musical enterprise of Post-Rock mixed with emotive 90’s and early 00’s Indie Rock! A collection of four tracks that carries us in its black-winged arms and takes us on a journey of introspection.

The Finch Cycle is the solo project of Bradley Murray (ex-owner of Wireless Records, who also plays in the band Sunny Disposition), and it is particularly influenced by the ethereal guitar sounds of melodic Post-Rock. Bradley recorded “Barriers To Change” all by himself during the course of the 2021 lockdown and is ready to share with us his creations. Let’s get to it.

“I used to run a record label, Wireless Records, in Australia, was a band manager, venue booker, band booker, tour promoter, etc. I spent my 20s working with other bands, and appreciating other people’s music – The Finch Cycle is now an outlet for me to explore music myself.” – Bradley Murray

We start with a low pace of subtle guitar melodies that welcomes us into Bradley’s world in Always Punish Owen. A mix of long-tailed guitars and arpeggiated ones begin to converge while the laid-back beat of the drums and crunching bass meld everything into one. Classic post-rock melodies can be heard while the track evolved into an ever-increasing loop.

The pace is picked as we continue with “Admit Victory“. The drums deliver a much bigger amount of energy as well as the guitars. Once again, the duality of the guitar work presents itself but with a more unified performance, melodies seem to overlap in harmony as we approach the sudden end.

The mood settles down when we continue in “Operation Island“, another slow-tempo track that reminds us of track 1, only a little more obscure and melancholic. Subtle and chilled the track slowly picks up in energy, especially the drums, while the strumming guitars and bass settle the grounding for the soon to be exploding track…

We reach the end of this endeavor as we move on to “Space Cadet Crumbled“, the last chapter of Murray’s creation and it prepares us for the end with a trio of guitars that dance with one another, supporting and adding the textures for the last parade. Just like its predecessors, the track is ever-growing with the emotional melodies of the picked guitars. The combination of the swinging drums and the plethora of bass and singing six-strings carves the path to the final destination, saying its last, overdriven goodbye.

The original plan for this project was to record music in unusual settings. My first single, was recorded with a group of friends, in a converted barn, on a cattle farming estate, in Rochford, Victoria, Australia (near the landmark ‘Hanging Rock’). However, COVID19 changed these plans, and the last two EP’s I have made have just been recorded at home, and at friend’s houses. However, this year, I hope to return to that original idea, of finding interested spaces and locations to record – especially to be able to capture nice room sounds for drums (which you will be able to hear in my debut single ‘Forty Minus Zero’.

My hope with this music, is to not just create an atypical post rock sound, but to engage in my love of 90s and early 2000s emo bands.” – Bradley Murray

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