Cormac Looby “Things We Don’t Control”

Homesickness, longing, inevitable breakups, curved path of mental health. Feelings and incidents that come and hit hard when you least expect. All the lot can leave you feeling quite shattered and maybe thinking “what if I could’ve done something?” Except for some things you can’t control. All this is reflected in the personal thoughts of Cormac Looby’s debut EP.

Irishman to the core, Cormac Looby is a singer-songwriter living in Galway, where he crafts a beautiful evocative blend of folk and indie-pop. His earthbound gentle acoustic sound meets honest and rather vulnerable lyrics that touch themes that are personal to the artist but resonate with many due to their relevance. That line continues in the singer’s newest release, the EP where he has included musical talents of keyboardist Tadhg Gleeson, bassist Caolan Walsh, fiddle player Dylan Carson, drummer Padraig Hughes, and lead guitarist Daire Canavan.

The debut EP, which is titled “Things We Don’t Control“, is home to 4 melodious songs, each touching a different personal topic. It kicks off with strummed guitar in the introspective “Patriot”, a song where the artist ponders over the attitude of Irishmen and relationships. That’s followed by a rather heartbreaking fiddle solo which adds even more emphasis to his request “Just tell me what you want me to say”. That rather somber tone is picked up considerably by the rhythmic and more speedy nature of “Hard-Wiring”, while still continuing the same topics in a different key. The brass adds full-bodied warmth to this song, too.

“Couldn’t be The Only One” brings a change with its more melancholic sound, speaking of mental struggles. Sounding like a summer night spent alone, there is warmth and there is sadness, as well as driving force embedded in percussion. The album ends with particularly infectious melodies of “Start Again”, which somehow peaks the honesty of his lyrics even further. It can also be attributed to the rather minimalistic nature of this song, which expands to include piano and fiddle later in the song in support of his soulful singing.

Delightful, honest and pure in both instrumentation and lyrics, the release feels as if it’s both purifying and offering a lot to think about. Beautiful EP from a beautiful soul.

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