Houston-based artist Gasanova (FKA DIVMOND) returns from a two-and-a-half-year hiatus with an astonishing retro-pop love anthem that shakes the earth with its groove. “Harley” presents a futuristic nostalgia and speaks about the kind of love that you should never let go.

This one goes out for all my 80’s and 90’s music lovers. Chris Diamond, an artist, singer, and producer born in Chicago is making a comeback with a brand new name and a brand new song. Formerly known as DIVMOND, Chris now presents himself as Gasanova, with songs inspired by 80’s/90’s, and early 2000s music.

In “Harley”, Gasanova presents a funky retro-pop track where bass and drums are kings. Vocals deliver a unique story, as they evolve from singing to rap verses, and even robot-like bridges. The song bounces with a lot of style, making it perfect for a night out with your friends or partner, rocking out in the club, or hitting up the road.

The overall theme of the track is holding on to your lover as tight as you would hold a Harley Davidson, and as the artist puts it, it’s the kind of love that he’s searching for. There’s a lot of fun to have as you play this tune, as Gasanova creates a unique almost digital atmosphere where every element sits right in its place and vocals shine under the spotlight.

As neat as it gets, “Harley” is one hell of a production, so it’s amazing that the artist created the composition in just around an hour…

I had the idea for the hook for about a year. Then opened up the Ableton session one day and just felt it so much that I finished the whole song in maybe an hour. Writing and production.” – Gasanova

A mix of funky guitars, retro-synths, massive drum hits, and 90’s inspired rap vocals make the single a hypnotizing experience both dynamically and sonically. Also, the chorus is an homage to the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.

The imagery in my head was of a couple madly in love with each other riding around town on a Harley Davidson bike, holding on to what they have as tightly as you’d have to hold onto a bike racing down the highway. And when they find themselves on a dance floor they know that the only way to block out the rooms’ fears and social anxieties is by acting as if the room doesn’t exist. The track ends with the idea that they ride out to infinity.” – Gasanova

Gasanova didn’t waste any time during his break, as he managed to create 200 new songs, ready to be released… Damn! “Harley” is only his second track, and it’s already a good promise for what the artist has to offer.

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