Savanna Blu “Something To Cry About”

Savanna Blu want to invite you to enjoy her brand new catchy of age-esque single, ‘Something To Cry About’

Solo artist Savanna Blu is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter with big aspirations and talent just as big. With an inherent talent for drawing people into her songs and a voice that captivates and convinces them to stay, Savanna feels born to be part of the music world. The artist has over a decade of experience in songwriting and is known for her practical use of figurative expressions, which adds a layer of enjoyment for fans of clever lyrics.

Something To Cry About is Blu’s first track to be released in over six months. This cinematic-like folk-pop track was written by Savanna Blue and recorded and produced with Juan Mallorca out of Ponte Vedra, Florida. 

In Something To Cry About, Blu captures the exact thoughts of a young girl after a breakup. At age eighteen, at the exact moment, we’re expected to act like an adult woman while still feeling too young, things feel just as flimsy and sensible as when we were seventeen, and the light shining upon us is more of a curse than a desired focus. Yet, it is also during these confusing moments of young adulthood where we’re slowly able to let go of those burdens and truly grow: grow as individuals. 

In the song’s narrative, there is context to the past, specifically the time between the breakup and the realization that the narrator is better off this way. From the opening line, “I don’t mind the weight I’ve gained; it means you’re not the reason I’m not eating” there is a clear disconnect from a past self who used to be unable to function after a romantic rupture to the present self, who’s able to go back to the usual everyday routine, pampering included. 

Like living with heavy pressure on your chest only to wake up one day and find you can breathe with no issue, there is a sense of liberation found within the lyrics and melody of the track. From the very easy-going guitar, which seems to move without a specific destination in mind in the best way possible, to words laced with independence, this story of letting go and not carrying extra burdens for others’ sake bring forth positive energy from its very beginning, and it is hopefully one that will stick around for a while. 

Despite not being exclusive to a specific gender, the song draws parallels to and feels intimately connected to womanhood. Released on the same month as indie rock Mitski’s newest album, Laurel Hell, February seems to have a theme of stories of vulnerability and bravado, of deep exploration of our growth and how the mature role we’re expected to play since an early age, later on, becomes a shield that helps us minimize the damage for disappointments and heartbreaks — not to mention, Something To Cry About fits homely alongside several indie, folk, and indie/folk pop-adjacent singles from other female artists such as the aforementioned Mitski, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and many more. 

Savanna Blu gave us a taste of her forthcoming album, meant to come out at the end of February, and showed loyal listeners that she’s able to go in different directions with her music, evolving alongside the artist herself. 

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